Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hang'em High

the final touches
The show is hung, I add labels and text tomorrow

Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost There

framed work ready for gallery transport...
wait that is me.
Xander can barely look
I go to the gallery tomorrow morning to hang my show...it sounds totally weird to say. I have been working so hard and so long for this the level of surreal is extreme.
As I write this I am finishing up a piece of assemblage and working on pricing work.
prices on labels or not...I am thinking yes and therefore avoiding additional paper like price menus etc...
I am also thinking of getting rid of the chair in the front gallery. It clogs up the area and I would prefer it didn't have a clog in the flow of people.
OK I am totally obsessing.
I take the work to the gallery and lean it up against the walls....that is the first step according to this "bible" I am reading, well more like memorizing! It is great and walks you thru step by step to hanging your own show...problem is I forgot it at work and now hubby has to bring it home tomorrow so I can breathe again. Although I AM hanging tomorrow, for some unknown reason I need to have it in my possession even if I don't crack it's spine tomorrow.
I am having two people help me and have asked that all others respect the space and not come into the gallery until it is hung and finished. I hope to have it all on the walls by late tomorrow and simply do labels and text on Thursday and then simply sit back and wait for the other show to fall.

I barely slept last night, the heat and my panic attacks had me awake most of it...and when I did slip far enough into sleep to dream, all my dreams were of my name being spelt wrong or people saying mean things about me in the paper. As well as some strange crossbreed of Twilight meets random Monica ideas...but that is a whole other ball of wax.

Tonight I am simply trying to not melt, it is all over the new...California is not only in a drought but also a massive heat wave. I am sitting here at 9pm dripping as it is currently a cool 87 degrees in my home!
but the cats seemed to have coagulated enough to move again.

Tomorrow the adventures begin!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running Like The Wind

"Grateful Dance" by Ranell Hansen
Celebrating her new hips
I spent yesterday running to and from things....

I submitted some work as well as a friends work to a Call for Entries in Santa Barbara.
I have only gotten into this annual show in the very long ago past.
Since then I have paid money to have the gallery babysit my work for several hours while I wait at another location trying to not think about it and trying to imagine it in the show. Meanwhile they are mostly looking at the work and then setting it into time-out.
Call for entries are kind of cut throat cattle call; you pay some money to have a juror look at your work and decide if they like it, and if it fits their vision enough to include it in the show they are forming for this event.

Last year it hurt so badly that I had a "Pity Party Sale" in my Etsy Shop,
"please get this reminder of my rejection out of my house"
I have yet to sell anything from that pity party sale....
I could go down a whole other path about that but why?!

my mother-in-laws quilt "Piccalilli Circus"
a classic pickle dish design
This year, while distracting myself with a Quilt show, a soccer game and some family visits
the judge was looking at some great work and deciding who was going to be in this years show.
Turns out I get to sit this one out again,
my friend made the cut!!
 I am so thrilled for her, she submitted something she loved and said "even if he doesn't like it, I love it enough that I won't beat myself up about it if it is not accepted"
Well dear friend....he loved it too!!
I bought myself some FINE chocolate on the way home, and savored the sweetness of the day, then fell asleep with the heavenly flavors in my mouth.

Back to the grindstone.....My show opens on Thursday after all
I have a TON of work to do before then!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Off the subject

Although the theme is Art this month, this works well with my upcoming show.
A little humor to lighten the pain.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am here

So here are the videos that Chad Sorg made as part of his ArtistFishbowl series.
He put a call out to artists and asked if anyone wanted to talk about their art.
 We chatted and he shot it via his laptop camera.
It is a funny video but I get to talk about my show and look nervous too!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Machine Ready

the image from the card

I was at the machine shop today....doing some work for the brother.
and delivering the news as gently as possible that I will not be in again for a while.
I am up now mounting the last of the images and tucking them into their silver frames.
It feels great!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busted My Butt

I was given a small break today when Theo (short for Thelonious, as in Monk) mewed to me to chase him...I did was rewarded with some kitty play time.

Well I spent the whole day cutting mats and they are now all cut and assembled into window mats!
A monster task that was taking so so so so long, so now that is all done, I just "simply" need to mount the images, find their names and tuck them into frames.
then transport them to the gallery and hang them on the walls!

I got an email interview sent to me today, I need to finish that too.
I hope my eyes and hands will work tomorrow, I kind of whipped their asses today.

Monday, September 20, 2010


corn harvest from 2008
I spent the day framing work...slow and steady keeps me from FREAKING OUT!
My show opens in 9 days...I have a strange sense of calm or maybe it is numb.
I have been working on this show for so long, now that it is so close I feel like I am simply floating.
I am also making my last minute list and organizing my brain.
I have to still shop for the receptions and make all the gallery lists etc.

Lunch was a can of corn; just a spoon and an opened can of corn.
The simple comforts.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Excess Energy


Not sure if this is for a snake or a lab experiment
I went to several events yesterday in between framing some of the first work.
Mind you I can not frame something for the show until it has been signed and named,
 so I have been cutting mat board to the right size,
putting frames together and thinking...
thinking and thinking of names.

I watched one of my goddaughters play soccer yesterday...that was great fun!
I think she liked the surprise.

Then home again to frame, and photograph art and label
walk in circles to blow off some stress.

Then another break to drive into SB to take some engagement pics
for an old friend of my hubby's.
Then I picked up some food that we can only get in SB
drove home and started to process the pics I had just taken
so I can get them out the door ASAP for the couple.

I blew off some more stress last night by simply sitting and chatting
 with hubby and friend and watching movies
crappy TV starting around 10pm.

Today is more art meetings and framing and labeling and photographing images for the online gallery.
Not very exciting...but all the while
I am planning what to do for the receptions
what to wear
if I have all the parts to make the whole.

My brain will be so shot after this.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

another skipped day

Arms my great grandmas would be proud of
"dough rolling arms"
Mat cutting arms

I was thinking REALLY HARD yesterday and naming artwork...that almost always makes my heart and brain hurt...so I went out and had some sake and ice cream with the hubby and swiftly feel asleep while watching cartoons on the couch last night!

so there, that is why I didn't post yesterday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I stumbled again....

The contents of these boxes
will be all over the walls of a gallery
I am trying to frame a whole show here people....I fell asleep before 8pm last night from complete exhaustion.
I might miss another post or so before the month is up.
I ask that you please forgive me in advance.
thank you
the artist formerly known as Miss Smarty Pants aka Troublemaker

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Birthday!
You are a most amazing person.
I love you.
All who know you are lucky to have you in their lives. No one would argue that.
Hope you have a lot of icing today!

last nights post

I had plans for this day, but the plans all fell aside.
Not a productive day

No art making or framing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

An Off Day

Hubby is home sick...I went to work at the machine shop.

Low point
It took over an hour to go 40miles
Coastal fog and breaklights

Higher point of the day

Training the new shipping manager
He needs to have naps in his schedule, but can be paid in "popping paper"

No artmaking today.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sound of Chewing

Sunday is my slower day...so we due boring things like
get groceries, do laundry and eat what is left in the house.

random thing for sale at the market today

While looking for something to write about I came across pictures of food.
I take pictures of food from restaurants, I like to record what I am about to eat....or have eaten.
My hubby doesn't even notice anymore that I pull out my camera, often before I take the first bite of food. So here is a few for your viewing pleasure.

the butter had created a hole in the pancake
breakfast today from Cafe Nouveau
Veggie Sushi in the middle and right bottom
The best in town: I Love Sushi

I am a sucker for Indian...this was SUPER delicious!
Reminded me of Nepal food: Cafe India

This will stop your heart!
Veggie altered dish at Tony's in Carpinteria

Ok now go brush your teeth and have sweet dream!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

ok ok ok....

Ok so I kind of suck at this write everyday thing....well I think about my posts everyday and have every intention on writing some brillant funny and mind bending post...but then I get hungry or distracted by something shiny or furry and I am gone.
So yesterday....
I went on an adventure to see a musuem I had heard about and wanted to see this amazing photoshow they have going on right now.
I drove out there after dropping off my stuff at the Photo Lab and having a small panic attack about handing over control and all that artistic stuff.
I was quite surprised with the building....I mean I was in Oxnard and had no idea this building was even allowed there, I mean in this next of the woods, city councils make rules about how citys are to look and have design codes that make everything look like a Spainish Seaside resort town...I was relieved to see that it was across from a taco place...so I knew I hadn't transported myself by driving too quickly or something.
I climbed those stairs and found a neatly printed note..."CLOSED for special exhibit"
I was bummed....I was really bummed....I was out for some inspiration, a kick in my artistic butt of sorts.

I think I will do the old fashion thing and call before making the trip again. Maybe next time I can pair it with a trip to the amazing La Gloria market...they make corn tortillas there all day long and you can buy three dozen at a time all fresh and warm....yummmmmmmmm

Well that was yesterday...today I woke at the crack of dawn to drive like a bat out of hell to get to my nieces first soccer match. She is in the 8 and under crowd....and I came to find out one of THOUSANDS in sea of small people kicking balls. I was told that she has a purple jersey...and that they were playing a team in pink jerseys. well lets just say that every other team was in purple and every forth was in pink...I found her and watched with great pride her kick, run and lob the ball. I think she is the first in many generations to do all three without self injury.
I was not a PE sort of gal, and neither was my brother...we chatted after the game about how well she did. I think we were both just in awe of her "athletic abilities".

I am just a proud Auntie.

On the way homeward I stopped at mulitple locals to drop off gallery cards, and have given my "geocaching" mom a stack to spread around too.
One of the stops was at my coop gallery; they are also a great frame shop...they were framing work for Katie Upton....I am TOTALLY in love with her painting!
I was like a star struck little girl in the presence of her paintings, all giggly and blushing.

I couldn't resist, just look at those pieces of luggage!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Full Of Ideas

although I am thrilled with "plus sized" models walking the catwalk,
I find the fashion not very flattering to their curves.
Come on designers step up your game!

Fashion Week information has stepped into my vision once again...this time, the big news is that there are FULL SIZED women walking the catwalk in NYC!!
Oh my god run for the hills, women that do not have the bodies of a 10year old boy are walking in fashionable clothes and looking like WOMEN!
Here is the article I saw today, I mean really that is news...people don't you think that it is about time we saw real bodies,and designers truly challenged to make clothes for real bodies.
Alas, the new broadcast I also saw was in true news agency style...news reporters asking designers,
 "do you really think that it is a good thing to make clothes bigger? Doesn't that just mean your clients are getting FATTER!!"
OMG are you kidding me!!! Shouldn't the reporter really be addressing that women have been starving themselves to try and look like an airbrushed hungry 14year old model that is made up to look like a women many years older then herself all while not attaining the curves that make a woman a woman!

Slim women are always going to be around and the industry has catered to them for a long long time. It is not that all clothes are going to dissappear for them, but instead isn't it time that clothes that walk on the catwalk be ones I can see myself in? I love the art of the clothes, the performance art of the show and the colors and drama that makes these events possible....but I can not see myself in the clothes as I am not 6 feet tall, and 90 pounds. I am a real woman, with hips and boobs and full thighs. I look like a woman, and I believe that is sexy and what goddesses have been modeled after for centuries!
When I was younger, I longed for breasts and hips and the maturity that made me a woman.
Why is is ok to display children as women and make women want to look like children again?!
Get fashionable people!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I just burnt a hole in my credit card with purchases preparing for the show, I am in shock.
I am glad it is wordless Wednesday.

22 days before the show opens

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let the Circus Begin

tickets anyone?

So a few hours less of sleep a night...
a few less healthy meals...
a few more freaky nightmares...
a few more anxiety attacks.
and the days keep dissappearing on the calendar...
bringing me that much closer to the opening of my show.

I stuffed envelopes today, for the top 50 for galleries and press members...like mini press kits of sorts. I am trying to hit all the buttons, be the squeeky wheel, the friendly reminder,
the little bird that whispers in your ear.

i'll do better

I am gonna try to not forget to post later today, as for yesterday...it is gone.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Art of Distractions

bunnies and flowers
I think I should get a PhD in distractions!
I can think of a million things to do...to avoid doing anything that is pressing.
I think I kind of feed on the adrenaline that I produce to play "catch up" when I realize that push has come to SHOVE!
Point in case: I am suppose to be ordering frames for my work, well frames and mat board...and here I am making bunny shaped cookies, doing laundry (note the same laundry I avoided earlier this week) and thinking of reorganizing the patio! seriously

I think the motivation for this series of distractions is the overwhelming feeling. I mean I not only have to work on not critiquing my work as I figure out how I want it to look framed, but what size frame, what shape, design, and where it should go in the gallery. Ideally though I am not suppose to think of that until I get to the gallery to hang the show...which is only 24days away!! not that I am not freaking about that either. breathing in and out in and out.

Today the gallery also sent out their press release to the media, so I am now out in the universe as I am really putting on this show and really going to have an opening.
In some ways I want to fast forward to First Friday where I am standing in the filled gallery and talking about my process and show....but in other ways I want to savor this drama....it could go two ways from here. I could not see this kind of buildup over a show for a while, or (crossed fingers and legs on this version) Someone else sees the work and wants it in their gallery too!

I am very proud, but it kind of feels like I have walked to the top of the building and am about to open the door to see just how up I am.
I hope there will be a lovely breeze out there!!

"life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes"
too strange

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Night Out and About

The gallery full of people when I left at 8pm

Well last night was great! A gallery full of people and great conversations.
The Printmaking group I belong to divides up the task lists and everyone takes a roll in the annual event. This year I signed up for all the stuff that needed to be done at the beginning, as I knew I was going to be tied up with my own show stuff. So when it was time to bring in art, and hang the show all I had to do was bring in my art and wait for the opening night.
I try and stay away from the gallery when the group hangs the show, I like to be surprised. I don't look at what people turn in and I don't want to see where my stuff might be hung.
So when opening night comes around, I have a set of new eyes on the event just like everyone else.
The show looks great, I am always amazed how several people working in several different mediums, in separate locals all seem to make a cohesive body of work. Our folio pieces look amazing!

the set of work for the limited folio

my folio piece " A Stitch In Time"
The show was a success and I brought my cards for my upcoming show and put them on a table next to a bowl of nuts...their first public debut! People had them, and were asking me questions....
I also saw a lot of people hanging around my work....


a group had gathered

the trio with sunsets glare
people were talking about my work and how they related to it and it reminded them of x y or z.
It felt nice.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Art Scene

Tonight is the opening for the Inkspots of Ventura's show "Think Ink". I am part of a group of printmakers and we produce a group show annually along with a limited edition folio.

There are about 11 members in the group and the printmaking methods are diverse. I am the youngest in the group by 10 years and at times it shows. I make references to things that are not understood or find somethings not as important as others do. We get along well, are supportive of one another and all have a common thread of being printmakers. At this time all FEMALE printmakers....I think that is pretty cool.

So tonight is the opening and that means I get to dress up and talk about art all night! I love these nights, I feel comfortable, and love to talk about art. I get to hear what others are doing around town and people watch all at the same time!

After the night is over, we close the doors and put our feet up and simply process all that was said, suggested or mentioned to each of us. Exhibiting work is a great joy to me....to have images tied up in your mind is one thing, but to be able to record them is like playing back dreams.


I will post some pics tomorrow...hopefully we will have a few others besides ourselves there tonight!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sign Me Up

another way to embarrass sheep
Well I am going to try and take on NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the month of September...the theme is Art and so I felt it was perfect for the weeks leading up to my solo show.
I met today with a friend who was designing the email version of the poster for the eblast the gallery is sending out. She was also kind enough to design my gallery card! She is a talented painter in her own right and has been exploring the world of design too. I love visiting with her and hearing her insights.
I am currently pouring over catalogs to figure out what frames to order, as this month is all about framing and matting work! And there is a lot of work to frame and mat....I am trying to not let it be a taunting task.

Ways I worked on not feeling overwhelmed today:
*Clean work room, well cleared up a little

*Make orange flavored sugar cookie dough for tea cookies before 8am

*write out a market list so we can eat tonight

* avoid laundry

* window shop on etsy
Ok now to run some errands before making dinner and writing a cover letter for my mailings.
All of these are functional tasks that I mix into my daily work as an artist. I never realized how much work was involved with being an artist...I mean admin work is never really spoken about and I can never remember ever being taught about any of it in school either. So I am learning and enjoying the ride as I take on new and exciting personal challenges.

that sounded hokey....but whatever it is true, but maybe not well stated.

ok now I am babbling and avoiding my things I do to avoid being overwhelmed list....


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The count down is on....My solo show opens in 29days!



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