Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sign Me Up

another way to embarrass sheep
Well I am going to try and take on NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the month of September...the theme is Art and so I felt it was perfect for the weeks leading up to my solo show.
I met today with a friend who was designing the email version of the poster for the eblast the gallery is sending out. She was also kind enough to design my gallery card! She is a talented painter in her own right and has been exploring the world of design too. I love visiting with her and hearing her insights.
I am currently pouring over catalogs to figure out what frames to order, as this month is all about framing and matting work! And there is a lot of work to frame and mat....I am trying to not let it be a taunting task.

Ways I worked on not feeling overwhelmed today:
*Clean work room, well cleared up a little

*Make orange flavored sugar cookie dough for tea cookies before 8am

*write out a market list so we can eat tonight

* avoid laundry

* window shop on etsy
Ok now to run some errands before making dinner and writing a cover letter for my mailings.
All of these are functional tasks that I mix into my daily work as an artist. I never realized how much work was involved with being an artist...I mean admin work is never really spoken about and I can never remember ever being taught about any of it in school either. So I am learning and enjoying the ride as I take on new and exciting personal challenges.

that sounded hokey....but whatever it is true, but maybe not well stated.

ok now I am babbling and avoiding my things I do to avoid being overwhelmed list....


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Scriber's Web said...

Congrats on your solo show!I've been in some shows so I know how painful it is to frame and matte! Good luck with that! Looking forward to hearing more about it.


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