Monday, December 19, 2011


I adore folklore, I mean ADORE and it is something I often go back to for nighttime reading when I am in between other books.
The stories inspire me and make me dream.
When I was visiting Europe the first time on my own, I encountered St Nicolas
....I was in Holland and there was a parade and I had no idea who this person was
and why there was a parade.
I slowly uncovered the story and then lore and began thinking about this holiday.

Then years later while wandering in and out of shops in Prague, I came across a little corn husk doll that had horns and ropes...when I asked the shopkeeper who this was she grimaced and said, it was the devil.
This sold the doll; I use to have corn husk dolls when I was little so I had an immediate sense of nostalgia. I figured she meant it was a winter spirit or something, it was winter time and all the shops had winter things on display...

We pulled out our little doll when it was Dia de los Muertos and thought nothing of it and then I found a little article....
All the parts suddenly fell together and I discovered who this little doll was...and it was AMAZING
Now every year we pull out the doll at the beginning of the month and remember to be good kids, because we don't want the KRAMPUS to take us away.
Here is this years parade in Austria...we have added this to our list of festivals to see

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wordless wednesday    
I have lots to say, just not today

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday is inspired by kindness

Remember that a simple act can make a difference.
Be kind to yourself and others:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Once a wise-crack, always a wiseass

So some time ago in my far off youth...I went to A LOT of my first Lalapalooza I was dehydrated and excited and slathered in 50 sunscreen, while being a style icon in a tank top and over-sized pinstriped overalls. 
Anyhoo,while waiting for a band to take the stage, my BF (hubby now) and I browsed the stalls of vendors. 
There was mostly drug paraphernalia: pipes, posters, food, stickers and ballots to be signed.
I was mildly interested so I continued to seek out water (there was no outside food allowed and I remember it being like 4000 degrees) 
I stumbled across a man selling his posters. 
I made the choice to buy a $10 poster instead of a $3.00 bottle of water.
I bought the one that spoke to me, it turns out that this man is now exhibiting at the MET and now I want to find my poster....I think he even signed it.

I had seen these posters in San Francisco while visiting a friend, and was very wrapped up in all the drama with the NEA and the Mapplethorpe exhibition , and conditions that were being placed on artists.
I walked around the festival with my poster; wilting in the heat but carried by my political stance and willingness to display my dissatisfaction.  
Well, mine conveyed thru the eyes of this poster artist.

Needless to say, the act was lost on my parents....I was such a rebel
I guess I always will be in some way.
thank goodness

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday is dress up day here in the studio and a perfect day for procrastinating.
Today's inspiration:

Nancy Upton

photo by: Shannon Skloss
if you haven't heard about this, here is one of many articles 
about why I love this woman!

My ode to Nancy:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Want to feel small...

Video created by Science educator James Drake who has created a one-minute time-lapse video of the ISS (International Space Station) circling the globe, which provides a fascinating look at Earth from above.
This was created by combining 600 photos that are available via the Johnson Space Center's Gateway to Astronomy Photograph of Earth, an online repository of photographs taken by astronauts.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Already...

It is Friday and as of late, it seems to be my personal quest to avoid all of my pending deadlines.
(I will meet them or make them early, I just like to turn up the pressure it seems) 
Don't get me wrong, I really want to be doing everything I have signed up for; but at the same time I am having a really hard time deciding which task to handle while I let my brain sort out those sorrid details...I decided to play with the camera.

While I was doing a little guerrilla gardening this morning (our HOA has a gardener, but our sprinklers have never really worked on a regular or in a predictable way so I have taken it upon myself to create our little outdoor space) anywho, while adding new mulch this morning I saw our neighbor leave for work or errands. She had her hair all natural and full and it inspired me to see how far out my hair would go if I brushed my hair. My mother is ALWAYS saying that my messy head of hair would be far more manageable if I simply took a brush to it (she has strait hair) regardless how many times I tell her curls don't work like that.
OH My!! here is the results of my playing:

On a side note:
I am also TOTALLY overrun with zuchinni and have begun pickling it.
Using the squash instead of cuccumbers seems to be working out REALLY well.
Below is the recipe I use in case you are overwhelmed too:

oh, FYI don't pickle just any green cherry tomatoes unless they are literally right about to change color. Not all green tomatoes are alike, trust me I learned it the hard way. A green tomato doesn't mean just a green tomato, it means shy of ripe: green tomato.
Otherwise you too will have a sour, evil bomb of nastyness in your mouth that you try to chew just to be brave while your 3year old nephew watches horrified of the faces you are making.
 PLUS, that flavor lingers for far far far too long.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On this day...

I don't watch television or listen to the radio on this day...I don't like to remember this day.
This day was a devastating day for too many people (understatement)
and I don't like to relive it or be reminded of it.
It is not that I do not acknowledge it, or honor is simply too too painful still.

Five years ago in the early morning hours I was sitting on my Nana's bed, whispering into her ear, smiling with a brave face and taking deep breaths for her. She meanwhile was struggling to take her own air and was slowly slipping into her next journey...
I know she if fine, she told me so...but it still hurts.

10years ago I was working at a map company and my job RADICALLY changed from a simple customer service person, to a witness, a confidant, and a person of interest. I was thrown into the chaos of the day, all while trying to comprehend what was happening and terrified of the immediate hate that that would be set into motion. The simple interesting job that I had taken on a mere year beforehand was now all consuming in my dreams and thoughts.
This day set into motion several more years of nightmarish phone conversations
from strangers and officials.

I don't like to remember this day; not because I do not care, but because I care so so very much.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


RIP David "Honeyboy" Edwards

I have loved music from a very young age, singing and dancing is a fairly common love of most children.
My father was a working musician when I was young; that is how the hospital bill was paid.
He played rock and roll and there seemed to always be music playing in the house when I was young.
I had my own record player and would memorize songs and "perform them" after I had mastered the lyrics.
I think my mix was a combination of Free to be you and me and Grease
I was a child of the 70's what can I say

When I got into junior high school I discovered Blondie and Joan Jett and my world radically changed!!
Then followed 80's pop music and into high school it became punk and alternative.
One of my first college jobs was in a music store. I had quite a collection of vinyl by that time and it seemed like a logical choice to see stuff as it was releasing, except vinyl was dying and being replaced by a think called the compact disc. I started buying more vinyl at swap-meets and garage sales...I absorbed my parents collection too. I think I was on a one woman mission to save vinyl.
I was so ahead of my time
When working at this music store I met an insomniac who was obsessed with Jazz, 
I can thank him for introducing me to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.
These explorations lead into Blues and I knew I was home. 
When I met hubby, one of the first albums he played when we sat down for a good ol' make out session was John Coltrane "Love Supreme" and I knew he was magically the one!
Today a legend in Delta Blues has passed away, it is sad not only that another person has left this world, but that a music icon is gone to the stars.
I watched a re-run of the video music awards and was reminded what made me wander from the radio and Mtv. Crap, absolute plastic music. 
then Adele took the stage and performed and I was reminded what was amazing and wonderful about music.
She made me cry, it was so so beautiful.
I am always listening and buying new music, often surprising myself and hubby with new finds.
I think deep down inside I believe it will keep me healthy and strong and sharp.
Thank you David "Honeyboy" Edwards
You sang to my soul, you reminded me that we all hurt and how we can make something beautiful.

Friday, August 12, 2011

What's in a name

OK so for the last two days I have had a series of images ready to leave and enter a competition, except I can not fill out the form because they are not named yet.

Naming my work is one of the most stressful time consuming parts of art making for me.
Sometimes, I get lucky and the name comes to me while I am making it,
or at least a working name...
but these two have so far eluded me.

I use to name everything "untitled" because the stress of finding a name
was overwhelming,
As you can imagine that too created a problem:
"which untitled piece were you referring to?"

I have found that over time my work is coming from a deeper and more raw place...
so it seems like I need to label these little bits and parts that bubble to the surface.

Hence today's dilemma

So to try and jostle an idea to come forward, I do other things...often that cost me money!
It seems the act of spending money makes me flee indoors
and into the studio re-pledging myself
to focus on my art and path and dreams.

I am still not sure why this is the case, but I have currently:
re-newed my passport
gotten new business cards
 lace for a petticoat I hope to sew, in my "free time"

I am still listening for the names

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I am busy with submissions and wrestling my inner party-poopers with chocolate...
so I will leave you with today's wordless image:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today that I am not so distracted by bullshit and gossip as to ignore a massive crisis.
I have been listening to the news these past few days and weeping.
People are so hungry and in such dire straits that they are entering war zones in hope
to find food and medicine.
There is no reason for famine, we are an educated people.
We are a compassionate people.
We are sadly, also a people of short attention span.

Our government would rather split hairs then do a job,
and once they have done a half-assed one,
they go on VACATION!

Meanwhile there are people right outside their doors, loosing their homes, struggling to find money for medicine and fighting to have a life.
We have a NATION of starving people who are helpless and we have a responsibility to help those that have fallen or are in danger.
As humans, nothing more.
No agendas, no politics
simply compassion and desire for the good of all
take action HERE
No one will knock on your door, call your home or bother you...
add your voice in hopes to stop a famine

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I have been taking a lot of photos of my veggies
much like a portrait series.
This weeks feature: Beans

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wordless wednesday

A baby bird and it's parents have been doing trial flights from our rain gutters...
the baby bird chirps the whole time to let mom and dad know where it is...
Theo is quite confused.
 Xander is unfazed.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get The Horns-Soapboxing

In light of this barbaric and horrible festival
Daniel Ochoa de Olza- photographer

After being bullied, tormented, scared and stabbed this would
seem like the natural reaction for the bull.
My patience has run out and that tormentor needs to be thrown out of my way.
Sadly, the bull died anyways
the bulls always die
I have never understood why this seems like an expression of manhood(traditionally)
tormenting and taunting an animal to death is a thing of beauty?!

I have a painting of a bull goring a is one of my cherished items.
I will forever cheer for the bulls, and hope, that one day,
 they win
all this 
absolute craziness ends.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cattle Call

I got an email about an Open Call for a big gallery in LA, it seemed crazy to go as I was imagining it was going to be like an American Id*l tryout or something...
I sat and thought about it, ok OPEN call means anyone can submit...ANYTHING as long as it fell under these requirements:
" No unfinished, multi-panel work, incomplete work, wet paintings, live animals, or anything considered unsafe.
No smaller then 12"x12"x12" no larger then 8'x8'x58"
At the very least it could be like an American Id*l know the ones we all watch and cringe at as people sing their hearts out only to have bubbles popped.
It seemed strait forward and if I timed it right I could get in line and hope to be one of the first people there....and maybe get something in.
I didn't make up my flip-flop mind until the night before, after a lemondrop and some guacamole.
Hubby said it would be a great mini-adventure, so...
 I matted and framed the work and when I went to go kiss hubby goodnight it was 2am!!
I planned on getting up at 5am to get there two hours before they opened.
Setting the alarm was painful and as soon as I put my head on the pillow the alarm was going off,
 I turned to hubby and said
" boy my three hours just flew by, how about yours?"
We got into the car and he drove us down there arriving in no time flat, we planned on getting breakfast after the intake. I was number 6 in line!!
I knew I at least had a chance to get my stuff looked at, and then possibly accepted into the show.
As time ran by, all the stereotypes of artists showed up, it was great fun to guess which was which.
I chatted in line with the man behind me and we passed the time sharing resources.
Then the staff and tables started to arrive.
The staff put out hanging wire, extra eye screws, etc...I thought that was a nice touch.
An additional piece of paper was handed to all in line (that number was growing rapidly, I would guess there were about 200 people behind me, that I could see)
Cash only and then juror table.
White gloved curators greeted me and asked,
"what process is this"
took measurements of the art,
 and filled out a checklist of the work
After I answered the questions, the work was assessed I was told
"OK, have a beautiful day"
and I was in.
Then I turned to see the SEA of people in line; they seemed to be looking at my face for answers,
was it safe, were mean words said, will they like my art?

image via

As we left to find food, we passed thru Little Thailand
There was an open farmers market and then I saw them, the line of saffron robed monks
with alms bowl in hand.
it was quiet and humbling
it reminded me of the uncertainty that surges thru your mind
how as artists, we are placing our work into the hands of another
asking for them to like it
to connect with it
to validate it
For many of us, we depend on it
Like the monks depend on the kindness of others for food/money

We didn't plan this part of the adventure well and we were both quite hungry and with that comes the fact that we are easily irritated. We drove, strait...direction sought.
We passed right by the walk of fame, then the Kodak theatre, then Grauman's we saw Superman in the street and tour buses and the famous Fredrick's of Hollywood store.
then took Laurel Canyon up and over to Studio City and landed at the deli we all went to after my Uncles funeral a couple of years ago...
it was a mistake.
Bad food, both in choices and taste.
Breakfast was sad and afterwards I took the helm and drove us home.
It had only taken 60 minutes to drive in, but the drive home took over 2hours!

Despite the texting crazy drivers that were causing my blood to boil.
I kept thinking of my little prints against a wall, that kept a smile on my face
A nap and some digestive enzymes made it all into a wonderful dream.

I can't wait for the scene at the reception!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Freehand Friday

It's Freehand Friday!!
I sat and did a few blind contour self portraits today.

I was forever avoiding the head in my figure drawing classes; the idea of trying to capture the essence of a person was daunting and unattractive to me.
Instead, I was seduced by the lines and shadows of the body, the way it all magically turned into connecting lines and shapes and then when the session was over I had transported myself back and it was a full drawing.
Always a complete surprise to me...and almost always without a head.
The compositions never seemed to allow for them.
They were always the lower jaw or the back of the head or just not the focus of the drawing.
Today I sat in front of a mirror and simply looked at my own face.
Daunting as well, but by making blind contour drawings out of them, I never really felt the pressure of capturing the likeness and ironically it appears.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful that there is still magic in this world.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Muffin day

view from my kitchen this morning

I had to get up extra early today as hubby needed to get to work even earlier then normal.
It was quiet and I got to watch the sun rise and change the skies colors.
it was a treat...
the recipe called for orange zest...
but I could not bare the idea of dried zest so I opened my eyes wide when handling the mandolin and paid close attention.
I mean making muffins usually doesn't have an element of danger; stir and fold seems to be common place ...but zesting is a whole new level and packs the possibility of shedding blood and or skin.
Needless to say, I paid attention to my actions at this early hour.
The muffins needed to bake a little longer then I expected and the end result is a little dry. 
I am pretty sure I know what needs to be changed. Once again I took one of my trusty loaf recipes and made them into muffins. 
Another yummy hit with tea or milk...but you do need to drink something with them.

Today's muffin:
 Orange Cranberry Walnut

no fingers were harmed during the making of these muffins

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Muffin of the day

(this is not me, just a drawing )

When I work at the machine shop I tend to make muffins for breakfast.
I work with all men, and to date, none have turned down the chance to try a homemade muffin.
I get the dry part of the recipe together the night before... 
I don't trust myself to measure things at 5:30 in the morning
Making muffins allows me to wake up early, 
bake the muffins while showering and 
then have a homemade breakfast at work with tea.
The muffins are available to anyone who walks into the office...I have the UPS driver hooked
sometimes I will sway and make cookies, but recently I have been on a muffin kick.

I am trying all sorts of muffin recipes, I mostly lean towards ones that don't have high levels of sugar.
I am going to try and post pictures of them each week
Here is today's:
Carrot-Zucchini Walnut muffins

I have a lot of zucchinis coming from the garden so it was only natural to make these this morning.
I normally make this as a loaf, so I thought I'd try them as muffins instead...they turned out alright.
If fact one of the machine operators said 
"I don't like vegetables and this doesn't taste anything like vegetables, they are really good!"

I'll take that as a thumbs up

Monday, July 4, 2011

Eye of the beholder

This is how I think I look when I work in the studio

This is what I really look like, usually with an inkspudge on my nose to boot!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Freehand Friday

I found some time today to simply sit and sketch
I think I will try and do this weekly now...
my brain works better afterwards.
So I am starting Freehand Friday
Here is the sketch I like best today:

The model was willing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Loveable


I was in the big bookstore in town last weekend and was shifting thru the magazine department.
I do this as a two fold thing, one it is a luxury and two it is research. I look up names of galleries, look at new art that is being made, see what people are making, what trends are "hot and hip". Most of this information come from magazines that I can never really justify buying because really a $25 magazine is a little rich for my mac and cheese budget.
I was flipping thru some super obscure art magazine when a piece of paper fell out. It was a handwritten poem and drawing wedged into a magazine....
I read it and instantly thought of Esther Pearl The Unloveable the author based the whole series from a diary she found in a public bathroom while traveling! I know I would have been horrified if I had lost my journal, but this was different. This was a love poem...pushed into a magazine and left for someone to find. It was dark and romantic and after hubby read it and declared it "kind of messed up" I put it in my purse to post here.
So ladies and gentleman here is the poem and my translation of the scratched words:

Nessun Dorma
None must sleep, none must sleep
and you, too, princess
in your cold room, gaze at
the stars which tremble with love
and hope
but my mystery
is locked within me,
no-one shall know my name
no, no, I shall say it as my mounth
meets yours when the dawn is breaking
and my kiss will break the silence
which makes you mine
(no-one shall know his name,
and we, alas, shall die)
Vanish, oh night!
Fade, stars
At dawn I shall win.

Well it turns out, I am so romantic I turned this into an amazing story in my mind...
these are the words from an opera

I really like the idea of a boy twisted and tormented by love writing a poem....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice to see you!!

So it has been a while...I am really sorry about that...I think I got a little burned out or something. Ideas are bubbling, but my body doesn't seem to want to move. I have been trying to push thru that but it appears it was futile, as I mostly feel like I have been on an exercise bike spinning the wheels...but not really covering any distance. ugh.

What I have done is; I have done a lot of thinking and searching and daydreaming...

This month also marked the completion of a project, a HUGE one that I couldn't talk about since I started it in February. I shot all the paintings in their environments of inspiration and did all the portraits for this book. I am very proud of my work, and feel that it turned out really well. I got to work with an amazing artist, and see paintings in a new actually felt more like I was "feeling them". The work was interesting and I had freedom to shoot it the way I wanted. I have a new friend now too, as well as, another woman artist to look up to and ask for guidance along my journey.

Brea Gallery
LA Printmakers Society show opened this month too, hubby and I made the trip down to see the opening. After realizing that it was four or five freeways and complex changes we added it as an adventure as well as an art opening. The Brea Gallery is AMAZING and big and well managed. The work was incredible and made me feel once again like a little feeder fish in a tank full of fancy tailed goldfish. It was enlightening and humbling and INSPIRING. I saw new mounting techniques, new ideas about surfaces and papers. I also got a little teary, as I saw my work on the wall under the lights and people stopping and smiling at it. In fact, it looked like my Great Grandparents were smiling at me and that made me weepy. 

I had to sneak this pic, as no photos were allowed
my little print is second from the left
I had a dream that I needed to enter this piece into this show,
so I was thrilled when it was accepted.
There was a live swing style band, and super hip people in super cool clothes, cheap wine and semi-stale cookies for all.
It was magical and I found myself not wanting to leave,
but I was hungry and we had driven 2.5 hours to get there...
eventually, my tummy won and
we went to an incredible Indian restaurant across the street for dinner at 10pm.

Aside from that, as I said I have been daydreaming.
I read a great book that I am sure a lot of others will be reading too
now that there is going to be a movie released next month.

I got to visit with a friend that I see maybe once a year and talk to maybe twice a year.
He stayed in a place I will have to add to my
"when you have tons of extra cash and want to stay in a swanky hotel" list
It was strained and awkward, but I have known him forever. It is obvious to me that we have grown in different ways and now have less in common then we did when we were younger, but it is important that we still see each other. Even if there are many things to say...the simple fact that we can still lay our eyes on one another seems comforting.

I discovered an awesome new hardware store!
I know that is a super geeky thing to say but as a maker of things a find like this is a big deal.
Technically, I didn't find it, I was just simply moved enough to stop in and check it out, it has been down the street all along. It is the classic shop with stuff for everything stacked and organized floor to ceiling! Amazing and fascinating.
I will be shopping there from now on.

I plan on blogging better from now is important to me and it helps sift thru be prepared for more rambling and jibberish.
oh and happy almost summer...I will be writing about that too.

the cats have gotten a lot of one on one lounge and play time

Friday, June 3, 2011

Houston we have a problem...

Sometimes, just sometimes all the wires fritz out at the same time, and the planets play ping pong, and the water swirls in the opposite direction and you get burned drinking your tea and you forget to put the laundry into the dryer and you run out of toilet paper and you hit a curb, and you stub your toe and you jab yourself with the toothbrush and get a canker sore and none of your clothes fit and you trip on your own feet because suddenly gravity is pulling you in all the wrong directions.

I am having one of those kind of days
lets hope it is almost over because I am exhausted

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dress up

My mind is mulling over some new ideas and while it does that I am left to occupy myself.
Like waiting for a cake to bake or a mold to set.

So I played dress is not a new idea, I do it more often then I would like to admit.
I guess even though I am a physically grown woman, I am still a little girl at heart.
Yesterdays theme: REVOLUTION

I told hubby after taking this image that I felt like I was ready to start a fire...
or make some noise.

"Liberated Women, build up socialism" 1926

such a pretty image, so powerful.
If I had seen this posted somewhere in my town,
I would have taken my own copy.
I am such a printmaking geek.

"Women workers take up your rifle!" 1917

My revolution was short lived...because
I saw this image of Frida and it made me smile

We all know revolutionaries don't smile.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Actual waiting is taking place in this photograph

Waiting is really the ritual of passing time....well more like an art form.
Recently I have found myself practicing this art form more than others, more then normal at least.
I mean most of us have to be patient in general: waiting in grocery lines, the microwave to beep, the tea to brew, the dog to stop barking, the alcohol to take effect.
My most recent episode of waiting was in a medical venue, hospital waiting.
It reconfirmed that time passes differently in hospital waiting rooms.
They are like strange time machines. 
The magazines and brochures only hold your attention so long and then you have to start making up stories about the others that are there just as panicked as you.
My visit was to wait for my dad's major back surgery.
He has spent his life lifting things, standing on hard floors, and way too much twisting and turning with heavy awkward weights. His vertebrae had collapsed and was now threatening to paralyse him if he didn't stabilize things.
I was keeping my mom company, as I felt it was not cool to have to wait alone and scared, no matter how brave one is.
I brought snacks and myself as distraction but in all honesty I was just as freaked out as everyone else there that had to relinquish control of their situation.
We saw all sorts of ways to process stress while there waiting.
We saw the bratty college kid and mom waiting for their loved one, and cracking under the pressure of time passing with little information.
We saw the doting children waiting for a mother they brought in via the ER.
The senior waiting for her life long love to have his back fixed.
The friends that refused to eat or move until they had heard word that their loved one was in recovery.
Then there is the "liaison" in the waiting room, the senior that sits at a desk and checks for updates from the operating rooms and recovery rooms that family is never allowed into.
the two women we saw that personed this desk were harsh women. The first was sharp and stern and snappy, clocking over a 1000 hours of volunteer time had made her a short fuse.
She was crunching on lemon scented hard candies most of her shift.
Her replacement after several hours was a knitter who leered over her reading glasses at everyone in the room, and shooting looks at people giggling or trying to lift the thick thick mood. She spilled several "chews" into a basket on her desk that us "waiters" could help ourselves to.
I took one, unwrapped it, smelled it and watched the senior next to me try and ID the flavor.
I returned my unopened candy after that.
the name drew me in, the smell made me wonder
After 8+ hours of waiting we finally got word that my father was leaving the recovery room and being moved to his room. We were shuffled to the front desk to get a new "visitor badge" aka sticker and told his room number. This was a mass exodus of waiters and so we shuffled down the halls together

Yep that is one hip lady with sequined wings on her ass
and heavy metal heeled boots!
Nothing is more soothing than finally seeing your loved one and knowing they are still alive!
Seeing my father was no exception.
He made it thru his surgery and was now being drained, filled and monitored
When I asked how he was feeling he said it felt like
 he had been "shot thru and thru"
it conjured up images of cowboys with arrows sticking out of them
In all fairness he does have an abdominal and a back incision
Now he is doing all his recovery work, and he is doing great!
Following instructions and walking up and down the block and wearing his superhero belt.
and playing games on his nook
He just has to wait for his back to fuse.
More waiting

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It is that wonderful Thursday again and I am finding that Thursdays are the perfect day to reflect and really take in what is going on around me.

This week, while still amazed at the incredible genuine birthday I had, I am thankful for the Hubby.
He not only made my birthday last for more then two weeks, but he really made me feel like it was important to celebrate.
So here are a couple images to reflect celebration
Celebrate life, days and each other.
I am thankful for that!
fancy fruity drinks


Scrub Jay clean up crew


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