Friday, August 12, 2011

What's in a name

OK so for the last two days I have had a series of images ready to leave and enter a competition, except I can not fill out the form because they are not named yet.

Naming my work is one of the most stressful time consuming parts of art making for me.
Sometimes, I get lucky and the name comes to me while I am making it,
or at least a working name...
but these two have so far eluded me.

I use to name everything "untitled" because the stress of finding a name
was overwhelming,
As you can imagine that too created a problem:
"which untitled piece were you referring to?"

I have found that over time my work is coming from a deeper and more raw place...
so it seems like I need to label these little bits and parts that bubble to the surface.

Hence today's dilemma

So to try and jostle an idea to come forward, I do other things...often that cost me money!
It seems the act of spending money makes me flee indoors
and into the studio re-pledging myself
to focus on my art and path and dreams.

I am still not sure why this is the case, but I have currently:
re-newed my passport
gotten new business cards
 lace for a petticoat I hope to sew, in my "free time"

I am still listening for the names

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