Tuesday, August 30, 2011


RIP David "Honeyboy" Edwards

I have loved music from a very young age, singing and dancing is a fairly common love of most children.
My father was a working musician when I was young; that is how the hospital bill was paid.
He played rock and roll and there seemed to always be music playing in the house when I was young.
I had my own record player and would memorize songs and "perform them" after I had mastered the lyrics.
I think my mix was a combination of Free to be you and me and Grease
I was a child of the 70's what can I say

When I got into junior high school I discovered Blondie and Joan Jett and my world radically changed!!
Then followed 80's pop music and into high school it became punk and alternative.
One of my first college jobs was in a music store. I had quite a collection of vinyl by that time and it seemed like a logical choice to see stuff as it was releasing, except vinyl was dying and being replaced by a think called the compact disc. I started buying more vinyl at swap-meets and garage sales...I absorbed my parents collection too. I think I was on a one woman mission to save vinyl.
I was so ahead of my time
When working at this music store I met an insomniac who was obsessed with Jazz, 
I can thank him for introducing me to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.
These explorations lead into Blues and I knew I was home. 
When I met hubby, one of the first albums he played when we sat down for a good ol' make out session was John Coltrane "Love Supreme" and I knew he was magically the one!
Today a legend in Delta Blues has passed away, it is sad not only that another person has left this world, but that a music icon is gone to the stars.
I watched a re-run of the video music awards and was reminded what made me wander from the radio and Mtv. Crap, absolute plastic music. 
then Adele took the stage and performed and I was reminded what was amazing and wonderful about music.
She made me cry, it was so so beautiful.
I am always listening and buying new music, often surprising myself and hubby with new finds.
I think deep down inside I believe it will keep me healthy and strong and sharp.
Thank you David "Honeyboy" Edwards
You sang to my soul, you reminded me that we all hurt and how we can make something beautiful.

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