Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank you for your patience

 So now that I have your attention
thank you Elle for breaking barriers and allowing a man to grace your cover.
Apparently, he is the first man to be on the cover of the magazine.
I personally don't think he is too horrible to look at.
(swooning at those lovely deep eyes)
Plus, on another note, his tattoos seem to work, nothing bothers me more then a bunch of tattoos that seem totally chaotic and mismatched and scattered. I guess it is the OCD that lives inside me, when I see his sleeves they work...organized chaos.
OK, enough eye candy.

I want to soap box for another moment here:
Swim suit season is around the corner.
One of the worst parts about living in the land of beautiful people,
is that anyone who is not a yoga instructor or a professional personal trainer
 is shunned from wearing and or feeling good in a swim suit.

I am not sure why they are called these, because of the people I know who have them, they do not use them to swim in...or bathe they really should be called sun suits.

Ok, so I include myself in this group of sun scared, shunned, and sun suit phobic women.
I own one again, finally...for years I refused to own one because
I didn't like the way I looked in one.
Then we went to a lake house with friends and I decided I would not explode if I had one and someone besides my reflection saw myself in it....and it was hot and I would be glad to have something skimppier to wear.
This being said, a fashion blogger was recently featured on a morning news show because she posted her "fatkini" photos and then other women sent in theirs to her.
You can see the whole thing HERE
I applaud it and find it interesting what women see as fat within themselves and what we have been taught to think is fat or thin or normal or freakish.

So I guess the whole point of this post is still lost to even me,
but it seemed really important to talk about.

I am fearful of the sun in general, if you have seen me in "real life" you will and can attest to the fact that I am pale, paler then pale. In fact, when we went to Hawaii or that before mentioned lake I hide in the shade. I love being outside, but fear the sun.
I got burnt A LOT as a teenager so now I am in a constant state of fear that my whole body will be covered in cancerous moles or something...
so instead, even when I fantasize about a getaway in a beach chair with a huge umbrella shading everything but my toes....but cancer can even grow there.
So maybe my full shaded chair can still be on the beach or lake and a nice cool breeze on a warm day....hell I could even use a lemonade or a iced alcoholic something with a paper flower or something.

Ugh, I think now that this post is really just insight into my current mental state.
but colorful

Moral of this rambling:
 wear sun screen, dream big and don't be afraid of sun suits
or how beautiful and wonderful your body really is.


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