Friday, March 16, 2012

in the works

My slowly bubbling brain is currently working on a few ideas,
hence the MIA status of me on my own blog...

I found this old pic of me and compared it to a current image and thought it was funny that I still am the same person, just in a bigger body.
I know I can harness that zeal, I just need to tap into it far more often....there is a cookie involved, maybe that is the key.

One of the many things I am working on, is figuring out how to un-stretch myself so thin...
I need to be of a more substantial thickness.
I am finding that being creative and also analytical is a very hard swing to ride.
 All the grown up responsibilities are currently weighing me down and although I am well aware that they are necessary yuckies, I still need to do them. So I have stopped fighting that fight and simply laid out a plan to tackle them all and free myself slowly from the taffy.
I think I have an entire arm free it is only a matter of time before I get the other one free and saw off my legs!
Soon or so very soon, I will be posting new work and new events!
I just know it


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