Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More therapy

Sunset @ La Conchita

We had dinner by the ocean tonight.
I think my hubby knows how heavily my heart is sitting in my chest.

We watched the pelicans dive and bob in the water.
The gulls hang in the air as the sun set.
Even saw a mother and baby dolphin gliding in the water
 eating fish while birds circled above.

I needed this reassurance of the current beauty and calm.
I am going to work earth this weekend.
I am still feeling the need to tend to the earth in any way I can, for as long as I can.

Either by sitting quietly and or simply listening.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet sweet ocean blue

Listening to the news this morning made me so very sad, and actually sick to my stomach.
I was almost unreasonable....my poor hubby simply wanted to listen to the news.
I listened as the naturalist read off the list of animals, ecosystems and enviroments that have been damaged beyond repair.
Birds that had laid eggs, that have nowhere for their young to return to; that is even if the eggs hatch.
Wetlands are distroyed, animals are dying covered in thick black crude oil.
The most beautiful, fragile elements on this planet are being killed and it seems that arguing and finger pointing are all that matters.
Booms should have been deployed weeks ago, clean up efforts should have been immediate.
BP should be tried for crimes against the Earth and thrown into a volcano...let Mother Nature sort out the details, and decide their fate as they have taken hers away.
I have witnessed yet another natural disaster, it is one of my worst fears in life.
To witness the death of our planet.
I am heart broken, and so deeply saddened.

We stopped along the ocean on the way home this evening, I needed to hear the ocean; know that it is still alive and fighting against this horrible crime.
I am so very sorry Ocean and all the fragile lovely beings within. Ones I know about and ones that are yet to be discovered.

The ocean was moving and living tonight...it was churning.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Resting up

I had two back to back juried shows and being the procrastinator that I am I waited a little too long to get my ideas together.
Needless to say...I got things together, stayed up way too late too many days in a row, ate poorly and made some great things!
the topping to this lovely sundae of fun was that I got into all the shows I had hoped to.
I make lofty goals for myself and when I was told yesterday that two pieces made the show, I waited until returning to the car to cry with relief and joy!
I am feeling so so thankful and so so proud of myself.
ok back to reality sister.....I have more things to make.
Here is a photo interlude.

yummy mexican food place, velvet paintings of Elvis and bras on the lights

My photograph "Eye Contact" @ Gallery 855
(hubby thought the flower placement was unkind)

My five Solarplates @ Montecito Frame&Gallery

My piece "Searching For" @ Reynolds
little green dot

First place winner with blue dot

Honorable mention with yellow dot,
amazing light boxes with linocuts dipped in beeswax...the picture didn't come out very well, but I totally fell in love with them.

A great suprise was seeing a former classmate and now amazing painter Stephanie Jamgochian
Orange dot

Last night RATT was playing the Magestic Ventura...wow there was a lot of tight denim, tall hair and drunk women. Walking past many of them offered some seriously funny bits from their conversations.
A lot of people breaking free and letting loose.

I chose a hot bath

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Image Makers

photo by: Jacques Howell
Today I was struck by the above image, how beautiful is that! Fragile and massive and rough and smooth.

I love looking at "in pictures" on the BBC newspage.
It helps me feel small.
I think we connect with things visually, so to read a news story is one thing, but to see it is another all together. I think that the impact of images still holds true.
Thank goodness for us "image makers"

I needed a little soothing today after a long night of pushing myself printing, pushing myself in a good way. Thinking how can I make this better, stronger leaner. It was very rewarding and I didn't want to stop! Saddly, I was up too late for a "work night" and I am paying the price now.
A cup of chai and a HUGE glass of water are helping out.
Plus I am totally in love with my new work.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Details

As an Artist and an art history buff I find the connections with other artist comforting.

I have known who this painter was since I was a child. My Aunt and Uncle had a print of his painting
"Son of Man" in their home for as long as I can remember.
 I remember always being fasinated by it and as a child asking repeatedly why his face was covered by an apple and why was he all alone.
ahhhhhhh art blooming.
 When I saw this auction announced I was immedately taken by a tiny detail about the letters.
"Asking his friends advice on painting titles"
I can personally attest to the long process in finding the right titles for work....hearing that he struggled with this process as well was charming and reassuring.
We ARE all the same.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

RIP Ronnie James Dio

I am not a metal fan, and have never claimed to be...but after I married a metal head...I became aware of who this man was.
I learned a bit more from him while watching a metal show...he claims he brought to fame the classic metal hand. index and pinky to the sky while the others remain folded under....he learned it from his grandma to ward off the evil eye.
Ronnie died today from stomach cancer....it is hard to believe that such a strong voice and icon in the metal industry is gone.
Deep condolences to his family.
Thanks Mr. Dio for teaching me how a note can last forever!

Easily Entertained

El Rey- bras on the lights and velvet Elvis paintings

I am headed in the right direction...I am in a new show and have made new work over the weekend.
Hubby and I had a night out on Saturday and take in the weekend and my newest show.
I wanted ice cream and he was willing to foot the bill so we headed downtown for some.
We took the back way and headed thru a local shop to the main drag.

I love walking thru the headshop on the way to Main St....it has a million things to look at and a funny mix of porn and trinkets. This particular place has been around forever and I even went here right out of high school for punk music and posters. Now, I buy hoops for my stretched lobes and maybe a funny little toy or two out of the "rave inspired" clothes for my niece or nephews.
just some of the hundreds of shoe options

The shop has an amazing array of shoes to choose from and they range from hippie shoes to "shoes that get worn but not walked in" If you know what I mean

I spied a strange sight in the Incense department...when I think incense I think rasta, hippie, stoner...but this pack of Lynard Skynard has a different theme in mind.
Note the bustin from the seams bikini gal amid Marley and Krishna

If I fail at making a good career at art making I can always pick up these and have a second choice.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am working on regaining my focus.
I am in the middle of a heavy show month.
I am thin in my energy and my focus.
but, my desire is high, and thick.
I am finding myself sitting in the wind and sorting thru ideas.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was given a sinful box of chocolates for my birthday from a dear friend...
I was a little hesitant to eat the buddha, but was told to simply lick his belly.
Much like a tootsie roll pop, it didn't take but three licks before I had to see what was in the center.
Apparently Buddha tastes like caramel; lovely yummy caramel.

Friday, May 7, 2010

So so happy

Cows and dogs in trash pile, Kathmandu

I rarely spend money on myself or things I need, outside toothpaste and salsa.
So this year I broke out of my norm and spent some monies on me...I mean what I am really waiting for?!
My view of the world shifted when I lived in China ...but when I got to Nepal my shift was monumental!

I found something, I wasn't sure what but it seemed so obvious to me.
It was like I was visiting a place I had been to so many times before, but didn't remember clearly.

I was scolded for feeding a dog leftover food, and paralyzed in disbelief when I saw a child looking threw trash for food. I got sick from walking too quickly into the clouds and rewarded when I slowed down and spent time looking.
Nepal taught me to live now, here and honestly.

I am currently using a new tool, and I am finding that after spending so much time thinking and over thinking it...it was the right thing to just stop thinking about it and simply step forward towards it.
This is a tool I needed to make art with, I needed to bridge the gap between ideas and reality.
I was avoiding the commitment and now I see that.

Give freely, speak honestly and live presently.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I feel a little gitty and a little crazy, but my newest tool is in working order
which means my options have just exploded!!

I have a film scanner that works with my operating system and will last me a lifetime.
I can now shoot some film and get making some new fantastic things.
Just need to keep all my fingers in the meantime!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reflections: Part I

Time is going by fast...I mean really quickly.
I am still trying to catch up from my birthday festivities, and that was almost two weeks ago!
Here are a few pics to start with:

this is the lime mint smoothie.yuuuuuum
that started the weeklong celebration!

I was a little scared of 40...but a 100 minute massage melted that away
birthday self-portrait (I take them every year...except I don't keep them all in one place so I have birthday portraits floating around everywhere and who knows where.

Birthday Mai-Tai ~ no fear of 40 here

My sweetie threw me a BBQ in a park and was able to get friends and family to attend! Including my roomie from Paris...he is so wonderful and the efforts of all really really made me weepy.
one of the many magic tricks my hubby is capable of...catch lizards with a grass snare and then set them free.

fresh carrots from the garden....thank goodness for the friendly garden gnomes...as my garden has taken a back seat in my life...the gnomes were kind enough to weed my plot to my surprise.
I was easily able to find my carrots and beets!

The weeks closing ceramonies was a surprise trip to the Getty where additional family met us there! Although we spread to the four directions on entering the building I had a lovely day of inspiration and tears.
I cried a fair bit this birthday...I tryed to hide it though.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prettiest Rejection

Dear Ms. Wiesblott,

Thank you for submitting your recent work to George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. We welcome the opportunity to review your work, and appreciate your interest in the museum.

I am writing on behalf of Alison Nordstrom, Curator of Photographs, to inform you we are unable to accept work from your series for exhibition or inclusion into the permanent collection at this time. Our exhibition schedule for the next year is already in place, and we do not consider the work contextually suitable for our permanent collection. Please understand this decision is not a reflection on the quality or subject of your work but the result of our need to grow the collection in careful and particular ways.

We offer our thanks and encouragement, and hope you will continue to keep us up to date on new projects by reviewing www.geh.org for changes to our submission guidelines. Thank you again for your interest in the George Eastman House.
All best wishes,

Tasha Lutek,
Photograph Department Intern
I am so happy they spelt my name right and looked at my work.


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