Friday, May 7, 2010

So so happy

Cows and dogs in trash pile, Kathmandu

I rarely spend money on myself or things I need, outside toothpaste and salsa.
So this year I broke out of my norm and spent some monies on me...I mean what I am really waiting for?!
My view of the world shifted when I lived in China ...but when I got to Nepal my shift was monumental!

I found something, I wasn't sure what but it seemed so obvious to me.
It was like I was visiting a place I had been to so many times before, but didn't remember clearly.

I was scolded for feeding a dog leftover food, and paralyzed in disbelief when I saw a child looking threw trash for food. I got sick from walking too quickly into the clouds and rewarded when I slowed down and spent time looking.
Nepal taught me to live now, here and honestly.

I am currently using a new tool, and I am finding that after spending so much time thinking and over thinking was the right thing to just stop thinking about it and simply step forward towards it.
This is a tool I needed to make art with, I needed to bridge the gap between ideas and reality.
I was avoiding the commitment and now I see that.

Give freely, speak honestly and live presently.

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