Friday, November 23, 2012

How I spent my Thanksgiving

One month ago I tested mildly elevated for a CA125 ovarian cancer marker test.
It was considered an early warning sign for a cancer that is often diagnosed way too late.
Through the tears, I saw this as a gift and a reminder that life always offers surprises.
under the power of many mantras and bathed in love
On November 16th at 11 am I had surgery to remove the 5cm endometrioma that was causing all the commotion and concern. I knew going into the surgery that I might loose my left ovary to the disease.
I'm allergic to everything...
two hours after surgery, still a little green but walking per doctors orders
my swollen tummy and bruised button two days post surgery
My doctor was able to remove the cyst and save my ovary, she also declared that she saw nothing cancerous or cancer suspicious during the surgery. *
I can now report that all pathology came back clear...we got it in time!
I have experienced an OVER POURING of love, and kindness from friends and family.
I am beyond words, embarrassed from the fuss...but humbled and so so honored.
I can not thank you enough, really.
my oldest friend stayed with us for the first four days
She and hubby made it easier to ride the waves
Today marks one week since the surgery.
I have not taken a single pain pill, no need for them as there has been no pain!
I have spent it re-cooping and laying low.
My hubby has mostly convinced me that although it feels like I could sneeze or cough my innards out of my incisions, that is not the case. 
I have also spent a good bit of time burping and laughing.


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