Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Opening this week

The group has done it again, the Inkspots annual exhibition opens this Friday.
I have submitted new silkscreen pieces:

"There is rich counsels in the trees"
Linocut and silkscreen assemblage
I have exhibited this Bear piece with this group last year, but it was placed in the wrong location
so I reentered it again this year with hopes that it would get seen this time.
It is always a lively event with too much food
if you are in the neighborhood stop by:
643 Project Space
643 Ventura Avenue
Ventura, CA
November 7th from 5-8pm

Friday, August 8, 2014

Get that paddle ready

"Tiny Meadow" color photopolymer etching

5x5 at Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art 
Online bidding starts August 28th!
Click HERE for details

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What happened to her?!

It is a new year and I haven't written on here in like FOREVER!
What happened to me?
I don't quite know...
but I am here now so I am going to throw some more information your way!

I am slowly going is not a path I was planning on taking
but when the doctor says " so you might be dealing with genetics "
It was a total shock to this 27yr strict vegetarian,
apparently my cholesterol count had no idea it was in me!

So being the overachiever that I am, I dove in the deep end of the pool and have dropped most
dairy, white foods (potato, bread and rice) plus alcohol from my diet
It makes me sad at times, because I really love ice cream and goat cheese.
I only indulge in "treats" one day a week now...treats being cheese or wine or hash browns...
Other then that, I have been looking for swaps to my favorite foods I don't feel like I am totally tortured, and punished.
Here is my version of a daiya cheese baked mac and cheese

the flavor was like the cheese on popcorn...
not on mark but close enough to work now and then

I am working on not being bitter about it, really...

I have been taking yoga consistently since July of last year
this is the longest I have taken yoga
It has done amazing things for me,
I don't think I will ever look back.
Well, unless I am twisting that way

I love it when feminism pops up in pop culture like this:

There has been a more and annoying and blatant forms casual misogyny
recently and when people point it out it makes me happy!
The current attacks on women by women, and men is mind blowing, when did this become OK?
Normal or even accepted?

My mind is swimming for this coming year...
I have plans,
I am refining plans and I have goals,
lofty and big bright goals!


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