Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tummyaches For All

this post contains a tart that you MUST MAKE and consume the same night to make all evidence disappear!

Tuesday nights version

So after reading one of my favorite blogs FUSSY, I was inspired to make a new dessert, I mean read the post and you too will be wooed into gettin' a bakin'.
With this image seared into my mind I swept myself off to the Farmers Market this last weekend to get some LONG awaited fruit. Being a vegetarian has some seasonal issues when you eat seasonally...mainly winter veggies can only really hold their charm for a month or two max and then you start wanting some serious change in flavor, that no amount of garlic or salsa can help you with.

So when JACKS FRUIT appears at my local farmers market you know that summer is softly appearing and every flavor of the rainbow is yours to be had!
YUM YUM YUM Love love love indeed.

After getting $13 worth of nectrines, plums and peaches and three baskets of strawberries I was dreaming of my perfect tart and I was off to get a baking!

Lets just say it was a SUPER easy recipe and made for a super yummy pair of tarts...if you are like me two people can finish off one tart and a mild to moderate tummyache will follow depending on how much food you ate prior to eating this tart. I played with jam flavors and fruit combos...
but tonights version had my eyes rolling in my head and the tummyache did not follow.
Maybe I have built up a resistance or something.
Please do yourself a favor and eat the whole thing, that way you can make a new one the next night !


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bicycle a film by James Richards

James Richards has made an amazing film with an unique view. 
He is super close to finishing the film, but like many creative projects, he is short on funds.
This was brought to my attention from a friend I studied in Paris with many years ago  
(who is also a film maker)  
the male lead in the film!
If you have a few extra dollars please consider sharing (buy a shirt or donate cash)
You can help him complete the film!
Here is a link to the movie site where you can donate

See the trailer here:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Submit to the submission

I am submitting an edition to a printmaking show and have been stressing about it for a while...I have been trying to find the right subject, imagine the image and then make it.
It has been rough going.
This morning after much sweat and stomachaching, I actually heard the ticking of the deadline.
I realized then... 
I was over thinking it, I simply needed to pick an image I wanted to make and have fun.
So with Mexico playing France today in World Cup and the conversation I had with my hubby about the amount of DRAMA the two teams are known for it came to me!

Artist proof of image, color to come next
Thank goodness Mexico was the bigger drama queen and won or this would have all been silly.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(This image on exhibit until June 24th At the Reynolds Gallery)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I am feeling sort of fuzzy, unable to get a clear image of my plan...so I am tending to my garden and doing a bit of thinking.
Here is evidence of that.

Green beans are out of the ground!
Garden got a late start, as I was overwhelmed with gallery work and deadlines.
My plot of earth is now slowing filling up with this summers food, and the scrubjays are eating any earthworms that come to the surface.

Forcing the snapdragons to talk.
I have a few volunteer snapdragons and these are the most lovely color red with yellow tongues.
I love it when I can make them talk.

sweet smelling Sweet Peas
My neighbor at the garden only growns wild flowers in her 10x10 space...in between seasons it is just short of a jungle there. Here is her sweet peas section, the honeybees are happy.

New work out in Summerland:
I went off the deep end and tried a new technique with my Cyanotype images.
Instead of fine art paper, I painted the chemicals directly onto streched canvas.
Collets was a multiple exposure piece.
I had done it once and wasn't happy with it, so I painted it on again and exposed again.
It turned out better but the whites were a little too muted for my taste, so I went back in and drew the whites out with charcoal.
both canvas is 6x6 inches

"Collets" Cyanotype on canvas

"Onion Bloom" cyanotype on canvas

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Xander and Theo at various stages of sunbathing

All is quiet on this western front.
I have spent the last week going to art openings and meeting new friends and old friends.
Talking shop and planning....deep plans.

I have another two big shows this year; a group show with my printmaking guild here in town and a solo show in October.
Yep a SOLO show....
I have known about it since last year when I requested to be put on a waiting list....and now that I am mere months away from it, all plans are set into motion.
I am looking over all my ideas, checking what work is at what stage of finished and what is still in my head and needs to be made.
It is a big hill, but one I am thrilled about and have been wanting for a long while.

This will be my second solo show, my last one was back in 1997 with the Museum of Art in Santa Barbara

Now to some much needed photos of the weeks events:

my nephew cheering for his sister's graduation from kindergarten

Channing Peake Show
Click on images for larger views

orange dot is next to my work

Talking shop


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