Saturday, June 5, 2010


Xander and Theo at various stages of sunbathing

All is quiet on this western front.
I have spent the last week going to art openings and meeting new friends and old friends.
Talking shop and planning....deep plans.

I have another two big shows this year; a group show with my printmaking guild here in town and a solo show in October.
Yep a SOLO show....
I have known about it since last year when I requested to be put on a waiting list....and now that I am mere months away from it, all plans are set into motion.
I am looking over all my ideas, checking what work is at what stage of finished and what is still in my head and needs to be made.
It is a big hill, but one I am thrilled about and have been wanting for a long while.

This will be my second solo show, my last one was back in 1997 with the Museum of Art in Santa Barbara

Now to some much needed photos of the weeks events:

my nephew cheering for his sister's graduation from kindergarten

Channing Peake Show
Click on images for larger views

orange dot is next to my work

Talking shop

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