Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tummyaches For All

this post contains a tart that you MUST MAKE and consume the same night to make all evidence disappear!

Tuesday nights version

So after reading one of my favorite blogs FUSSY, I was inspired to make a new dessert, I mean read the post and you too will be wooed into gettin' a bakin'.
With this image seared into my mind I swept myself off to the Farmers Market this last weekend to get some LONG awaited fruit. Being a vegetarian has some seasonal issues when you eat seasonally...mainly winter veggies can only really hold their charm for a month or two max and then you start wanting some serious change in flavor, that no amount of garlic or salsa can help you with.

So when JACKS FRUIT appears at my local farmers market you know that summer is softly appearing and every flavor of the rainbow is yours to be had!
YUM YUM YUM Love love love indeed.

After getting $13 worth of nectrines, plums and peaches and three baskets of strawberries I was dreaming of my perfect tart and I was off to get a baking!

Lets just say it was a SUPER easy recipe and made for a super yummy pair of tarts...if you are like me two people can finish off one tart and a mild to moderate tummyache will follow depending on how much food you ate prior to eating this tart. I played with jam flavors and fruit combos...
but tonights version had my eyes rolling in my head and the tummyache did not follow.
Maybe I have built up a resistance or something.
Please do yourself a favor and eat the whole thing, that way you can make a new one the next night !


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