Friday, June 11, 2010


I am feeling sort of fuzzy, unable to get a clear image of my I am tending to my garden and doing a bit of thinking.
Here is evidence of that.

Green beans are out of the ground!
Garden got a late start, as I was overwhelmed with gallery work and deadlines.
My plot of earth is now slowing filling up with this summers food, and the scrubjays are eating any earthworms that come to the surface.

Forcing the snapdragons to talk.
I have a few volunteer snapdragons and these are the most lovely color red with yellow tongues.
I love it when I can make them talk.

sweet smelling Sweet Peas
My neighbor at the garden only growns wild flowers in her 10x10 between seasons it is just short of a jungle there. Here is her sweet peas section, the honeybees are happy.

New work out in Summerland:
I went off the deep end and tried a new technique with my Cyanotype images.
Instead of fine art paper, I painted the chemicals directly onto streched canvas.
Collets was a multiple exposure piece.
I had done it once and wasn't happy with it, so I painted it on again and exposed again.
It turned out better but the whites were a little too muted for my taste, so I went back in and drew the whites out with charcoal.
both canvas is 6x6 inches

"Collets" Cyanotype on canvas

"Onion Bloom" cyanotype on canvas

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you're going to have to tell me how to do that! very cool!


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