Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Once a wise-crack, always a wiseass

So some time ago in my far off youth...I went to A LOT of concerts...at my first Lalapalooza I was dehydrated and excited and slathered in 50 sunscreen, while being a style icon in a tank top and over-sized pinstriped overalls. 
Anyhoo,while waiting for a band to take the stage, my BF (hubby now) and I browsed the stalls of vendors. 
There was mostly drug paraphernalia: pipes, posters, food, stickers and ballots to be signed.
I was mildly interested so I continued to seek out water (there was no outside food allowed and I remember it being like 4000 degrees) 
I stumbled across a man selling his posters. 
I made the choice to buy a $10 poster instead of a $3.00 bottle of water.
I bought the one that spoke to me, it turns out that this man is now exhibiting at the MET and now I want to find my poster....I think he even signed it.

I had seen these posters in San Francisco while visiting a friend, and was very wrapped up in all the drama with the NEA and the Mapplethorpe exhibition , and conditions that were being placed on artists.
I walked around the festival with my poster; wilting in the heat but carried by my political stance and willingness to display my dissatisfaction.  
Well, mine conveyed thru the eyes of this poster artist.

Needless to say, the act was lost on my parents....I was such a rebel
I guess I always will be in some way.
thank goodness


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