Saturday, October 23, 2010

coming back...

This has been one amazing ride...and I know that I have been really bad at posting updates.
I have so much to share and many pics to post...I just took down my show this evening.
I am kind of numb and surprised by how fast the whole thing went.
I will be collecting my thoughts and sharing it with you soon.

in the meantime this pic was taken last night and I like it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


building my nest

To say I had a fantastic day is an understatement....
I am still far out into space about it so I will simply sum it up by saying:
1. I have a new friend
2. I have dearly loved old friends
3. I survived several college critiques in one moment

Today I am hanging around the gallery for Artwalk....a city wide art festival
I simply have to remember to bring the bag of chocolate kisses, and turn off the MP3 player after each use
and continue to enjoy the moment.
Simple enough

Friday, October 8, 2010

Silent Sorority

sunset on a weekday

I read a book a little bit ago, that started my mind thinking...I was already on my path of brainstorming about my show and this was the "recreational read" along the way.
I read Pamela Tsigdinos book Silent Sorority and it made sense...I laughed, I was in awe that she had written the same words that I had muttered so many times. I was thankful and passed the book along to another dear friend that was childless not by choice.
Today Pamela mentioned my work on her blog...I am over the moon and so so humbled and thankful.
I wrote her a little note with shaking hands not but three months ago and now we know each other.
The world is a small and amazing place indeed.

Let Love Rule! Straight Talk About Gay Marriage from on Vimeo.

Burgers Like Snowflakes

Two artists from Gallery 255

Friday, October 1, 2010

Emotion In Motion

Four and Twenty Blackbirds
photopolymer etching
featured in BARREN:life on infertile soil
This has been an emotional last couple of days.
Last night was the private showing for my parents.
that alone was awkward and hard.
Since I went "public" about the show
I have received letters from women pouring their hearts out to me.
What an amazing gift to be so trusted and so humbled.
I feel so honored and so thankful to have been able to make this show happen,
regardless of the path that got me here.

Tonight is the first reception, to be honest, I am a bit nervous.


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