The List

This is a list of things I would do if I won the lottery, it changes all the time...

Things I have to do with the money: Humanitarian efforts rule my heart
  • Help bring clean water to places in need
  • Create safe places for women's health clinics worldwide
  • Run medicine to remote regions of the world
  • Stock a food bank every year, so there was never a need for a plea to help fill it
Crazy things I would do with the money:
  • Run an Ice cream truck; giving out ice cream, and on Tuesday and Thursday I would give out cupcakes.
  • Get a letterpress and a place to work with it
  • Buy a home like the one in "A Very Long Engagement"
  • Pay off mortgages
  • Travel whenever and wherever we choose
  • Take brain expansion courses
  • Treat my girlfriends out to a day of luxury, every year
  • Build college accounts for the niece and nephews


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