Monday, July 9, 2012

Social Pressure

After much social pressure and hearing " you MUST read this"
 I was handed a copy of the 50 shades book.
I must say I had ZERO interest in reading it and after it sat on my bedside table for almost a month, maybe in a continued silent protest... I finally picked it up as I needed to return this book to the person who was kind enough to loan it to me.
PLUS I needed to give it a shot, after all it was "just a book"
Well, it is a book...and it has sex in it and in all honesty, I started reading it much like any other book I pick up in the to a random page, read a paragraph and see if I could see reading it any further....
 I figured there wasn't a lot of character development towards the front, so that is where I flipped it open...after reading for about an hour in bed alone.
 Hubby came in to check on me....
Stop reading now if you liked the book or don't want to hear my soapbox moment about sexual freedom and liberty.

He started laughing, saying I didn't look too happy.

"what do you think of it so far?"

I looked up and said, well my first impression was that he was a REALLY bad lover.

He told me to give it some more time.
At that, I handed him the book and he started to read and then roll his eyes and then laugh.

We both laughed a lot reading the book.

He agreed, the writing was bad, the story was silly but, we were both thankful for the laughs.
Sadly, this was not meant to be a comedic book.

I must say, the amount of "oh crap" and "see how wet you are" made me cringe, and I was bored out of my head from the email exchanges.

Now I know other women LOVE this series, and I think that is great for them but...
it really made me wonder why?

I know we are still struggling as a gender to find ourselves, to act on our sexual impulses and
be OK with wanting and needing sex.

I guess the fervor this book has caused with women maybe just highlighted for me that a majority of women are still not asking for what they really want or need sexually.

I guess I am a lucky girl, for my lover just wants me to be sexually over the moon, and he is willing to do anything to make that happen.

Demand that from your lovers ladies!
Demand that for yourself!

Then you can write a really hot novel and we can all be smiling from our one handed reads.

(stepping off the soapbox, and putting down my megaphone)

Some other women I know have said they refused to read it because of all the hype.
I told them I would report back.

Here I am reporting:

It is silly, the guy is creepy and self centered. The female lead is self deprecating to a level of annoying at the beginning and then just boring after that.

The sex is mild, and if you haven't had some saucy/kinky sex by now, get cracking, because this is not saucy/kinky can think of far more interesting me, I know you are creative!

In the end, I thought it was beyond boring and disappointing.

but hey, we all beat off to a different drummer.


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