Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet sweet ocean blue

Listening to the news this morning made me so very sad, and actually sick to my stomach.
I was almost poor hubby simply wanted to listen to the news.
I listened as the naturalist read off the list of animals, ecosystems and enviroments that have been damaged beyond repair.
Birds that had laid eggs, that have nowhere for their young to return to; that is even if the eggs hatch.
Wetlands are distroyed, animals are dying covered in thick black crude oil.
The most beautiful, fragile elements on this planet are being killed and it seems that arguing and finger pointing are all that matters.
Booms should have been deployed weeks ago, clean up efforts should have been immediate.
BP should be tried for crimes against the Earth and thrown into a volcano...let Mother Nature sort out the details, and decide their fate as they have taken hers away.
I have witnessed yet another natural disaster, it is one of my worst fears in life.
To witness the death of our planet.
I am heart broken, and so deeply saddened.

We stopped along the ocean on the way home this evening, I needed to hear the ocean; know that it is still alive and fighting against this horrible crime.
I am so very sorry Ocean and all the fragile lovely beings within. Ones I know about and ones that are yet to be discovered.

The ocean was moving and living was churning.

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