Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easily Entertained

El Rey- bras on the lights and velvet Elvis paintings

I am headed in the right direction...I am in a new show and have made new work over the weekend.
Hubby and I had a night out on Saturday and take in the weekend and my newest show.
I wanted ice cream and he was willing to foot the bill so we headed downtown for some.
We took the back way and headed thru a local shop to the main drag.

I love walking thru the headshop on the way to Main has a million things to look at and a funny mix of porn and trinkets. This particular place has been around forever and I even went here right out of high school for punk music and posters. Now, I buy hoops for my stretched lobes and maybe a funny little toy or two out of the "rave inspired" clothes for my niece or nephews.
just some of the hundreds of shoe options

The shop has an amazing array of shoes to choose from and they range from hippie shoes to "shoes that get worn but not walked in" If you know what I mean

I spied a strange sight in the Incense department...when I think incense I think rasta, hippie, stoner...but this pack of Lynard Skynard has a different theme in mind.
Note the bustin from the seams bikini gal amid Marley and Krishna

If I fail at making a good career at art making I can always pick up these and have a second choice.

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