Sunday, May 23, 2010

Resting up

I had two back to back juried shows and being the procrastinator that I am I waited a little too long to get my ideas together.
Needless to say...I got things together, stayed up way too late too many days in a row, ate poorly and made some great things!
the topping to this lovely sundae of fun was that I got into all the shows I had hoped to.
I make lofty goals for myself and when I was told yesterday that two pieces made the show, I waited until returning to the car to cry with relief and joy!
I am feeling so so thankful and so so proud of myself.
ok back to reality sister.....I have more things to make.
Here is a photo interlude.

yummy mexican food place, velvet paintings of Elvis and bras on the lights

My photograph "Eye Contact" @ Gallery 855
(hubby thought the flower placement was unkind)

My five Solarplates @ Montecito Frame&Gallery

My piece "Searching For" @ Reynolds
little green dot

First place winner with blue dot

Honorable mention with yellow dot,
amazing light boxes with linocuts dipped in beeswax...the picture didn't come out very well, but I totally fell in love with them.

A great suprise was seeing a former classmate and now amazing painter Stephanie Jamgochian
Orange dot

Last night RATT was playing the Magestic there was a lot of tight denim, tall hair and drunk women. Walking past many of them offered some seriously funny bits from their conversations.
A lot of people breaking free and letting loose.

I chose a hot bath

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