Thursday, May 20, 2010

Image Makers

photo by: Jacques Howell
Today I was struck by the above image, how beautiful is that! Fragile and massive and rough and smooth.

I love looking at "in pictures" on the BBC newspage.
It helps me feel small.
I think we connect with things visually, so to read a news story is one thing, but to see it is another all together. I think that the impact of images still holds true.
Thank goodness for us "image makers"

I needed a little soothing today after a long night of pushing myself printing, pushing myself in a good way. Thinking how can I make this better, stronger leaner. It was very rewarding and I didn't want to stop! Saddly, I was up too late for a "work night" and I am paying the price now.
A cup of chai and a HUGE glass of water are helping out.
Plus I am totally in love with my new work.

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