Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today that I am not so distracted by bullshit and gossip as to ignore a massive crisis.
I have been listening to the news these past few days and weeping.
People are so hungry and in such dire straits that they are entering war zones in hope
to find food and medicine.
There is no reason for famine, we are an educated people.
We are a compassionate people.
We are sadly, also a people of short attention span.

Our government would rather split hairs then do a job,
and once they have done a half-assed one,
they go on VACATION!

Meanwhile there are people right outside their doors, loosing their homes, struggling to find money for medicine and fighting to have a life.
We have a NATION of starving people who are helpless and we have a responsibility to help those that have fallen or are in danger.
As humans, nothing more.
No agendas, no politics
simply compassion and desire for the good of all
take action HERE
No one will knock on your door, call your home or bother you...
add your voice in hopes to stop a famine

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