Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice to see you!!

So it has been a while...I am really sorry about that...I think I got a little burned out or something. Ideas are bubbling, but my body doesn't seem to want to move. I have been trying to push thru that but it appears it was futile, as I mostly feel like I have been on an exercise bike spinning the wheels...but not really covering any distance. ugh.

What I have done is; I have done a lot of thinking and searching and daydreaming...

This month also marked the completion of a project, a HUGE one that I couldn't talk about since I started it in February. I shot all the paintings in their environments of inspiration and did all the portraits for this book. I am very proud of my work, and feel that it turned out really well. I got to work with an amazing artist, and see paintings in a new actually felt more like I was "feeling them". The work was interesting and I had freedom to shoot it the way I wanted. I have a new friend now too, as well as, another woman artist to look up to and ask for guidance along my journey.

Brea Gallery
LA Printmakers Society show opened this month too, hubby and I made the trip down to see the opening. After realizing that it was four or five freeways and complex changes we added it as an adventure as well as an art opening. The Brea Gallery is AMAZING and big and well managed. The work was incredible and made me feel once again like a little feeder fish in a tank full of fancy tailed goldfish. It was enlightening and humbling and INSPIRING. I saw new mounting techniques, new ideas about surfaces and papers. I also got a little teary, as I saw my work on the wall under the lights and people stopping and smiling at it. In fact, it looked like my Great Grandparents were smiling at me and that made me weepy. 

I had to sneak this pic, as no photos were allowed
my little print is second from the left
I had a dream that I needed to enter this piece into this show,
so I was thrilled when it was accepted.
There was a live swing style band, and super hip people in super cool clothes, cheap wine and semi-stale cookies for all.
It was magical and I found myself not wanting to leave,
but I was hungry and we had driven 2.5 hours to get there...
eventually, my tummy won and
we went to an incredible Indian restaurant across the street for dinner at 10pm.

Aside from that, as I said I have been daydreaming.
I read a great book that I am sure a lot of others will be reading too
now that there is going to be a movie released next month.

I got to visit with a friend that I see maybe once a year and talk to maybe twice a year.
He stayed in a place I will have to add to my
"when you have tons of extra cash and want to stay in a swanky hotel" list
It was strained and awkward, but I have known him forever. It is obvious to me that we have grown in different ways and now have less in common then we did when we were younger, but it is important that we still see each other. Even if there are many things to say...the simple fact that we can still lay our eyes on one another seems comforting.

I discovered an awesome new hardware store!
I know that is a super geeky thing to say but as a maker of things a find like this is a big deal.
Technically, I didn't find it, I was just simply moved enough to stop in and check it out, it has been down the street all along. It is the classic shop with stuff for everything stacked and organized floor to ceiling! Amazing and fascinating.
I will be shopping there from now on.

I plan on blogging better from now is important to me and it helps sift thru be prepared for more rambling and jibberish.
oh and happy almost summer...I will be writing about that too.

the cats have gotten a lot of one on one lounge and play time

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