Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Muffin day

view from my kitchen this morning

I had to get up extra early today as hubby needed to get to work even earlier then normal.
It was quiet and I got to watch the sun rise and change the skies colors.
it was a treat...
the recipe called for orange zest...
but I could not bare the idea of dried zest so I opened my eyes wide when handling the mandolin and paid close attention.
I mean making muffins usually doesn't have an element of danger; stir and fold seems to be common place ...but zesting is a whole new level and packs the possibility of shedding blood and or skin.
Needless to say, I paid attention to my actions at this early hour.
The muffins needed to bake a little longer then I expected and the end result is a little dry. 
I am pretty sure I know what needs to be changed. Once again I took one of my trusty loaf recipes and made them into muffins. 
Another yummy hit with tea or milk...but you do need to drink something with them.

Today's muffin:
 Orange Cranberry Walnut

no fingers were harmed during the making of these muffins

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