Friday, July 8, 2011

Freehand Friday

It's Freehand Friday!!
I sat and did a few blind contour self portraits today.

I was forever avoiding the head in my figure drawing classes; the idea of trying to capture the essence of a person was daunting and unattractive to me.
Instead, I was seduced by the lines and shadows of the body, the way it all magically turned into connecting lines and shapes and then when the session was over I had transported myself back and it was a full drawing.
Always a complete surprise to me...and almost always without a head.
The compositions never seemed to allow for them.
They were always the lower jaw or the back of the head or just not the focus of the drawing.
Today I sat in front of a mirror and simply looked at my own face.
Daunting as well, but by making blind contour drawings out of them, I never really felt the pressure of capturing the likeness and ironically it appears.

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