Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Already...

It is Friday and as of late, it seems to be my personal quest to avoid all of my pending deadlines.
(I will meet them or make them early, I just like to turn up the pressure it seems) 
Don't get me wrong, I really want to be doing everything I have signed up for; but at the same time I am having a really hard time deciding which task to handle while I let my brain sort out those sorrid details...I decided to play with the camera.

While I was doing a little guerrilla gardening this morning (our HOA has a gardener, but our sprinklers have never really worked on a regular or in a predictable way so I have taken it upon myself to create our little outdoor space) anywho, while adding new mulch this morning I saw our neighbor leave for work or errands. She had her hair all natural and full and it inspired me to see how far out my hair would go if I brushed my hair. My mother is ALWAYS saying that my messy head of hair would be far more manageable if I simply took a brush to it (she has strait hair) regardless how many times I tell her curls don't work like that.
OH My!! here is the results of my playing:

On a side note:
I am also TOTALLY overrun with zuchinni and have begun pickling it.
Using the squash instead of cuccumbers seems to be working out REALLY well.
Below is the recipe I use in case you are overwhelmed too:

oh, FYI don't pickle just any green cherry tomatoes unless they are literally right about to change color. Not all green tomatoes are alike, trust me I learned it the hard way. A green tomato doesn't mean just a green tomato, it means shy of ripe: green tomato.
Otherwise you too will have a sour, evil bomb of nastyness in your mouth that you try to chew just to be brave while your 3year old nephew watches horrified of the faces you are making.
 PLUS, that flavor lingers for far far far too long.

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