Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dress up

My mind is mulling over some new ideas and while it does that I am left to occupy myself.
Like waiting for a cake to bake or a mold to set.

So I played dress is not a new idea, I do it more often then I would like to admit.
I guess even though I am a physically grown woman, I am still a little girl at heart.
Yesterdays theme: REVOLUTION

I told hubby after taking this image that I felt like I was ready to start a fire...
or make some noise.

"Liberated Women, build up socialism" 1926

such a pretty image, so powerful.
If I had seen this posted somewhere in my town,
I would have taken my own copy.
I am such a printmaking geek.

"Women workers take up your rifle!" 1917

My revolution was short lived...because
I saw this image of Frida and it made me smile

We all know revolutionaries don't smile.

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