Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Art of Distractions

bunnies and flowers
I think I should get a PhD in distractions!
I can think of a million things to avoid doing anything that is pressing.
I think I kind of feed on the adrenaline that I produce to play "catch up" when I realize that push has come to SHOVE!
Point in case: I am suppose to be ordering frames for my work, well frames and mat board...and here I am making bunny shaped cookies, doing laundry (note the same laundry I avoided earlier this week) and thinking of reorganizing the patio! seriously

I think the motivation for this series of distractions is the overwhelming feeling. I mean I not only have to work on not critiquing my work as I figure out how I want it to look framed, but what size frame, what shape, design, and where it should go in the gallery. Ideally though I am not suppose to think of that until I get to the gallery to hang the show...which is only 24days away!! not that I am not freaking about that either. breathing in and out in and out.

Today the gallery also sent out their press release to the media, so I am now out in the universe as I am really putting on this show and really going to have an opening.
In some ways I want to fast forward to First Friday where I am standing in the filled gallery and talking about my process and show....but in other ways I want to savor this could go two ways from here. I could not see this kind of buildup over a show for a while, or (crossed fingers and legs on this version) Someone else sees the work and wants it in their gallery too!

I am very proud, but it kind of feels like I have walked to the top of the building and am about to open the door to see just how up I am.
I hope there will be a lovely breeze out there!!

"life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes"
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