Saturday, September 4, 2010

Night Out and About

The gallery full of people when I left at 8pm

Well last night was great! A gallery full of people and great conversations.
The Printmaking group I belong to divides up the task lists and everyone takes a roll in the annual event. This year I signed up for all the stuff that needed to be done at the beginning, as I knew I was going to be tied up with my own show stuff. So when it was time to bring in art, and hang the show all I had to do was bring in my art and wait for the opening night.
I try and stay away from the gallery when the group hangs the show, I like to be surprised. I don't look at what people turn in and I don't want to see where my stuff might be hung.
So when opening night comes around, I have a set of new eyes on the event just like everyone else.
The show looks great, I am always amazed how several people working in several different mediums, in separate locals all seem to make a cohesive body of work. Our folio pieces look amazing!

the set of work for the limited folio

my folio piece " A Stitch In Time"
The show was a success and I brought my cards for my upcoming show and put them on a table next to a bowl of nuts...their first public debut! People had them, and were asking me questions....
I also saw a lot of people hanging around my work....


a group had gathered

the trio with sunsets glare
people were talking about my work and how they related to it and it reminded them of x y or z.
It felt nice.

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