Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost There

framed work ready for gallery transport...
wait that is me.
Xander can barely look
I go to the gallery tomorrow morning to hang my sounds totally weird to say. I have been working so hard and so long for this the level of surreal is extreme.
As I write this I am finishing up a piece of assemblage and working on pricing work.
prices on labels or not...I am thinking yes and therefore avoiding additional paper like price menus etc...
I am also thinking of getting rid of the chair in the front gallery. It clogs up the area and I would prefer it didn't have a clog in the flow of people.
OK I am totally obsessing.
I take the work to the gallery and lean it up against the walls....that is the first step according to this "bible" I am reading, well more like memorizing! It is great and walks you thru step by step to hanging your own show...problem is I forgot it at work and now hubby has to bring it home tomorrow so I can breathe again. Although I AM hanging tomorrow, for some unknown reason I need to have it in my possession even if I don't crack it's spine tomorrow.
I am having two people help me and have asked that all others respect the space and not come into the gallery until it is hung and finished. I hope to have it all on the walls by late tomorrow and simply do labels and text on Thursday and then simply sit back and wait for the other show to fall.

I barely slept last night, the heat and my panic attacks had me awake most of it...and when I did slip far enough into sleep to dream, all my dreams were of my name being spelt wrong or people saying mean things about me in the paper. As well as some strange crossbreed of Twilight meets random Monica ideas...but that is a whole other ball of wax.

Tonight I am simply trying to not melt, it is all over the new...California is not only in a drought but also a massive heat wave. I am sitting here at 9pm dripping as it is currently a cool 87 degrees in my home!
but the cats seemed to have coagulated enough to move again.

Tomorrow the adventures begin!

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