Sunday, September 19, 2010


Not sure if this is for a snake or a lab experiment
I went to several events yesterday in between framing some of the first work.
Mind you I can not frame something for the show until it has been signed and named,
 so I have been cutting mat board to the right size,
putting frames together and thinking...
thinking and thinking of names.

I watched one of my goddaughters play soccer yesterday...that was great fun!
I think she liked the surprise.

Then home again to frame, and photograph art and label
walk in circles to blow off some stress.

Then another break to drive into SB to take some engagement pics
for an old friend of my hubby's.
Then I picked up some food that we can only get in SB
drove home and started to process the pics I had just taken
so I can get them out the door ASAP for the couple.

I blew off some more stress last night by simply sitting and chatting
 with hubby and friend and watching movies
crappy TV starting around 10pm.

Today is more art meetings and framing and labeling and photographing images for the online gallery.
Not very exciting...but all the while
I am planning what to do for the receptions
what to wear
if I have all the parts to make the whole.

My brain will be so shot after this.

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