Saturday, September 11, 2010

ok ok ok....

Ok so I kind of suck at this write everyday thing....well I think about my posts everyday and have every intention on writing some brillant funny and mind bending post...but then I get hungry or distracted by something shiny or furry and I am gone.
So yesterday....
I went on an adventure to see a musuem I had heard about and wanted to see this amazing photoshow they have going on right now.
I drove out there after dropping off my stuff at the Photo Lab and having a small panic attack about handing over control and all that artistic stuff.
I was quite surprised with the building....I mean I was in Oxnard and had no idea this building was even allowed there, I mean in this next of the woods, city councils make rules about how citys are to look and have design codes that make everything look like a Spainish Seaside resort town...I was relieved to see that it was across from a taco I knew I hadn't transported myself by driving too quickly or something.
I climbed those stairs and found a neatly printed note..."CLOSED for special exhibit"
I was bummed....I was really bummed....I was out for some inspiration, a kick in my artistic butt of sorts.

I think I will do the old fashion thing and call before making the trip again. Maybe next time I can pair it with a trip to the amazing La Gloria market...they make corn tortillas there all day long and you can buy three dozen at a time all fresh and warm....yummmmmmmmm

Well that was I woke at the crack of dawn to drive like a bat out of hell to get to my nieces first soccer match. She is in the 8 and under crowd....and I came to find out one of THOUSANDS in sea of small people kicking balls. I was told that she has a purple jersey...and that they were playing a team in pink jerseys. well lets just say that every other team was in purple and every forth was in pink...I found her and watched with great pride her kick, run and lob the ball. I think she is the first in many generations to do all three without self injury.
I was not a PE sort of gal, and neither was my brother...we chatted after the game about how well she did. I think we were both just in awe of her "athletic abilities".

I am just a proud Auntie.

On the way homeward I stopped at mulitple locals to drop off gallery cards, and have given my "geocaching" mom a stack to spread around too.
One of the stops was at my coop gallery; they are also a great frame shop...they were framing work for Katie Upton....I am TOTALLY in love with her painting!
I was like a star struck little girl in the presence of her paintings, all giggly and blushing.

I couldn't resist, just look at those pieces of luggage!

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