Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sound of Chewing

Sunday is my slower we due boring things like
get groceries, do laundry and eat what is left in the house.

random thing for sale at the market today

While looking for something to write about I came across pictures of food.
I take pictures of food from restaurants, I like to record what I am about to eat....or have eaten.
My hubby doesn't even notice anymore that I pull out my camera, often before I take the first bite of food. So here is a few for your viewing pleasure.

the butter had created a hole in the pancake
breakfast today from Cafe Nouveau
Veggie Sushi in the middle and right bottom
The best in town: I Love Sushi

I am a sucker for Indian...this was SUPER delicious!
Reminded me of Nepal food: Cafe India

This will stop your heart!
Veggie altered dish at Tony's in Carpinteria

Ok now go brush your teeth and have sweet dream!

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