Thursday, September 9, 2010

Full Of Ideas

although I am thrilled with "plus sized" models walking the catwalk,
I find the fashion not very flattering to their curves.
Come on designers step up your game!

Fashion Week information has stepped into my vision once again...this time, the big news is that there are FULL SIZED women walking the catwalk in NYC!!
Oh my god run for the hills, women that do not have the bodies of a 10year old boy are walking in fashionable clothes and looking like WOMEN!
Here is the article I saw today, I mean really that is news...people don't you think that it is about time we saw real bodies,and designers truly challenged to make clothes for real bodies.
Alas, the new broadcast I also saw was in true news agency reporters asking designers,
 "do you really think that it is a good thing to make clothes bigger? Doesn't that just mean your clients are getting FATTER!!"
OMG are you kidding me!!! Shouldn't the reporter really be addressing that women have been starving themselves to try and look like an airbrushed hungry 14year old model that is made up to look like a women many years older then herself all while not attaining the curves that make a woman a woman!

Slim women are always going to be around and the industry has catered to them for a long long time. It is not that all clothes are going to dissappear for them, but instead isn't it time that clothes that walk on the catwalk be ones I can see myself in? I love the art of the clothes, the performance art of the show and the colors and drama that makes these events possible....but I can not see myself in the clothes as I am not 6 feet tall, and 90 pounds. I am a real woman, with hips and boobs and full thighs. I look like a woman, and I believe that is sexy and what goddesses have been modeled after for centuries!
When I was younger, I longed for breasts and hips and the maturity that made me a woman.
Why is is ok to display children as women and make women want to look like children again?!
Get fashionable people!

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