Friday, September 3, 2010

Art Scene

Tonight is the opening for the Inkspots of Ventura's show "Think Ink". I am part of a group of printmakers and we produce a group show annually along with a limited edition folio.

There are about 11 members in the group and the printmaking methods are diverse. I am the youngest in the group by 10 years and at times it shows. I make references to things that are not understood or find somethings not as important as others do. We get along well, are supportive of one another and all have a common thread of being printmakers. At this time all FEMALE printmakers....I think that is pretty cool.

So tonight is the opening and that means I get to dress up and talk about art all night! I love these nights, I feel comfortable, and love to talk about art. I get to hear what others are doing around town and people watch all at the same time!

After the night is over, we close the doors and put our feet up and simply process all that was said, suggested or mentioned to each of us. Exhibiting work is a great joy to have images tied up in your mind is one thing, but to be able to record them is like playing back dreams.


I will post some pics tomorrow...hopefully we will have a few others besides ourselves there tonight!

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