Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running Like The Wind

"Grateful Dance" by Ranell Hansen
Celebrating her new hips
I spent yesterday running to and from things....

I submitted some work as well as a friends work to a Call for Entries in Santa Barbara.
I have only gotten into this annual show in the very long ago past.
Since then I have paid money to have the gallery babysit my work for several hours while I wait at another location trying to not think about it and trying to imagine it in the show. Meanwhile they are mostly looking at the work and then setting it into time-out.
Call for entries are kind of cut throat cattle call; you pay some money to have a juror look at your work and decide if they like it, and if it fits their vision enough to include it in the show they are forming for this event.

Last year it hurt so badly that I had a "Pity Party Sale" in my Etsy Shop,
"please get this reminder of my rejection out of my house"
I have yet to sell anything from that pity party sale....
I could go down a whole other path about that but why?!

my mother-in-laws quilt "Piccalilli Circus"
a classic pickle dish design
This year, while distracting myself with a Quilt show, a soccer game and some family visits
the judge was looking at some great work and deciding who was going to be in this years show.
Turns out I get to sit this one out again,
my friend made the cut!!
 I am so thrilled for her, she submitted something she loved and said "even if he doesn't like it, I love it enough that I won't beat myself up about it if it is not accepted"
Well dear friend....he loved it too!!
I bought myself some FINE chocolate on the way home, and savored the sweetness of the day, then fell asleep with the heavenly flavors in my mouth.

Back to the grindstone.....My show opens on Thursday after all
I have a TON of work to do before then!

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