Sunday, November 7, 2010


Racks of crinoline at the Betsy Johnson Store

Last month I went "shopping" with a friend to the nearby outlets. I am not a shopper.
I don't really enjoy the trying on of clothes, the shopping for shoes and the people telling you that "you should totally get that"
Well this trip I was able to avoid all three. I did a lot of shop dreaming instead!

We went into the Betsy Johnson store, it was magical.
I was sent back to my junior high and high school creations!
There was crinoline as far as the eye could see and the shopkeeper was like Annie Potts in Pretty in
Pink except with a lot of deep lines in her face, that made the eyeliner look that much more bold.

Even with the discounts this dress that I totally fell in love with was still $348
although the store was offering a BOGO (buy one get one offer)

My friend wanted me to try it on, just for fun...
 I don't play that game well...if I liked it, I couldn't get it and if I didn't it would burst the bubble of the daydream.
So instead, I wandered and smelled the stiff fabrics and imagined myself one day returning to get any dress I wanted and getting extra crinolines too!

Superficial and shallow I know, there are far far better things to dream about then a dress.

I can honestly say I do not feed this part of the little girl in me often, in fact she is quite forgotten most of the time.
I have almost always had hand-me-down clothes, thrift store clothes and recently clothes my brother no longer wants to wear. The new clothes I have bought, are now several years old and are worn well beyond their $20 price tag.

I really like clothes, I love fashion, I don't understand it sometimes but I admire the thoughts.
So wandering out of the Betsey Johnson store had me swooning over clothes and colors and design.

I have never been to a fashion show, I have watched them on Youtube and TV and read about them in fashion mags at doctor offices...I know that Betsey does cartwheels at the end of her shows.
I admire who you are, dress how you want, dance.

I might not be able to get that dress, but I can have that dream.

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