Friday, November 19, 2010


I LOVE listening to other peoples conversations in public places. When out with hubby we often shift our conversations to match what we are hearing around is a guilty pleasure we share.
Dinner can be even more entertaining when a good conversation is simply a booth over
we are in a funny mood.

Today I was running errands and stopped by the local "get everything here store", I was cold and wearing three layers of clothes and I noticed a bundled up couple, snuggling out in front of the store on the bench.
 I love to watch people in love and I was taken by how close and loving this nomadic couple was being.
The woman nestled into the man, she was sitting on his lap, arm wrapped around him. He had his arm around her waist and they were sharing a cigarette. I could smell the smoke and could see that he was softly speaking to her; as I passed I heard the last part of his sentence " you know what I mean man?" to that I heard her response: " Stop calling me a man, I am a woman and it is really not cool"
His response: "Ok, ok I was just telling a story."

I found this a lovely moment and example how we are all the same

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