Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love Is Real

polaroid from our group art show opening night
Cinque from the bell tower of Reim Catherdral

Many years ago I saved up as much money as I could make as a video store clerk and plant maintenance person and ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and went away to study art, art history, and poetry in Paris and London. I lived on very little and spent my money on art supplies. I was thrilled!

On this trip of a lifetime I met some amazing people, some of which I am thankful to still be in touch with some I let fade away. On the weekends, my roommate would travel to neighboring countries and have wonderful adventures. 
I on the other hand, chose to wait to do my traveling until after the school session was over, allowing me to extend the trip by several weeks. While the dorm emptied out on the weekends a few of us "super cool kids" stayed behind and worked on our art pieces and wandered the city.

Cinque and Tishaun lived down the hall and also spent their weekends working on art and wandering the city, and exploring. We often called each other for critiques and mostly just let each other know that we were there if we got lonely.

Well both these men have continued to make amazing fact Cinque and Tishaun have both completed a series of films for Philip Bailey:
(Philip Bailey )...he enlisted the young multi-talent Tishaun Dawson  and Cinque Northern to follow him on tour in Europe and film segments in three cities: Venice, Paris and London. The film, "Love Is Real," is viewable on Bailey's website. Starring the model and UC Santa Barbara film studies graduate Sherina Manning as a contemporary Dorothy moving through a fashionable Oz, it's a lovely counterpart to Bailey's new music, which is unexpectedly adventurous. *

I encourage you to check out the films for the new Philip Bailey work Love Is Real
Amazingly beautiful Sherina Manning stars in all three, the camera work is breathtaking and the music is divine!

I just felt like tooting a horn for all involved, I am so so happy for them!

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