Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take it easy

bathroom door at the local record shop,
reminds me of my mind right now

Against my better judgement I have been doing things slowly...
I figured the harder I tried to fight towards my next goal thru the haze of exhaustion,
I would not make wise choices.
I took a reality check pill or something.
So yesterday I made a new plate in the Autumn sun, and looked up some competitions. While today I organized images for future projects, ignored the pile of laundry and watched movie after movie.
I have so many ideas I am swirling, and trying to decide which direction to go first.

So I I have been feeding my internal image file...
what amazing films; colorful and inventive and dark and moody...I ate them up!
Now I just wait for the dreams to come and bring me the rest.

Maybe it is ok to simply "take it easy", mental health time...very important

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