Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We have just had a wild ride.
We spent 9 hours driving to a location to meet family and spend some pre-thanksgiving
time visiting.
My father in law spent a lot of time finding a place where we could all meet and cook and be warm for two days.
After we had been driving for 6 hours we got a call telling us that there was no electricity at the house and that the family that had arrived was trying to light a pilot to get some hot water.
Well 2 hours later, we got another call that they were leaving and to meet them at a hotel in the town down the hill.
We arrived an hour and a half later, at a hotel in a little goldmine town. Shortly there after our family arrived and were exhausted. They had tried to make the cabin work; there was no power, no heat, snow and ice and no way to make the place warm despite all their efforts!

So we took all our food and shoved it into the mini fridges and headed out to the local grill.
My family, was trying to make lemonade out of lemons.
I admire their efforts, and was sorry that we were still driving to the location while they were shoveling snow and searching for warmth.
I am glad we all ended up together, and spent a whole day visiting before we all headed homeward again.

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