Monday, November 1, 2010


I am off to try it again...can I post something of interest for a month strait?

We are celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary tonight.
We got married on Dia De Los Muertos.
We wanted to make sure that anyone who had passed could still come to our wedding!
So after 10 years of dating,
 Hubby got a wild hair and asked me to marry him!
I was totally fine to live in sin the rest of our natural life
...but I agreed and boy I am glad I did!

I first meet hubby in a pottery class.
I had just come home from a trip to Europe to study art in Paris and then ended up traveling alone for an additional three months.
On arrival home, I was filled with a pure sense of self and "cahones" and was on the prowl!
I signed up to take a pottery class with my mom at the local community college
and had given myself one of my many ultimatums,
I said to myself, self you get no pleasure from creating things in this class, then it is time to pursue another field of study.
Well on the first day while they were taking attendance a few late comers were coming into the room and one of them was this dark haired guy
when I saw him the WHOLE ROOM went black except for him!
 I swear to the heavens...I am telling the truth.
It was there and then that I set forth to find out more about this man....

He never had a chance

I think it took another two classes to get him alone in class,
and when I did I handed him a piece of paper with my phone number on it
and said the smooth line
" It looks like you need to talk, call me"
Much to my surprise he did that night and invited me over to his place the next morning for a homemade breakfast!
I didn't know how to cook so I grabbed the chance for a free meal with a hottie....

We ate, we walked in the rain and that was the first day of the last 18 years!
oh yeah, and I am still making art too.

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