Friday, November 26, 2010

Busy like a Bee

image from: Riverwalk Jazz

In the next week and a half I am so busy my head is spinning like a plate at the top of a tall pole!
I have two art openings, two holiday boutiques, an ISO audit, open house at the community garden, Hanukkah starts and a photo shoot.

I made a HUGE pot of soup for dinner and sat in front of the TV tonight watching The Wizard of Oz.
I own the movie as well, but can never help myself when it is on TV, I am compelled to watch.
My most favorite part is at the very beginning when the house falls from the twister and all the sound and chaos stops and there is the amazing quiet....
then Dorothy walks thru the silent house and she opens the back door to technicolor Oz.

I feel a little like Dorothy right now, caught up in the chaos and wild winds.

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