Saturday, November 27, 2010


My work is the tractor under the "a"

I was finished framing my work for the gallery today. I like it, there is always this moment when the piece is finally tucked into it's frame and I put the final screws into place...that I turn the frame over to view the image as a viewer would. It is a thrill...It makes it seem real and wonderful. I transport myself into a gallery and imagine it on the wall in front of strangers. Is it straight, is it clean, does it look clean and do I look at the image or the frame?
It is magical and wonderful

This evening I got to see the card for the show too, I was so excited to see the card/ advertising and daydream about and that I am a part of it...that it took the second time around to realize one of my images is on it!!
I am happy and excited

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