Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My poor garden, it has taken the back burner for several months now.
I am currently only growing squash and some crazy looking spinach.
Hubby's garden box is overgrown with a combination of volunteer tomatoes and a weed that looks tomato but has little round green fruit on it.
Needless to say, I need to turn the soil and add manure.  
After years of doing it with my trusty shovel and some good old fashion back work, 
 hubby figured out how to use the gardens rusty rototiller.
It was amazing the first time and and it makes the whole thing sooooo much more tolerable.

Now it is simply finding the time to do it.
I don't trust that motor on a stick and so I have to wait until I can get hubby to join me at the garden.
I am still waiting for the perfect time,
every time I think of it the sun has already set, I am exhausted or the garden shop is closed and we can't fill the back of my car with bags and bags of steer poop.

So let's add turning the garden to my long list of desires for the next week.
Our community garden is having an open house in December and it would be really embarrassing to have a boring looking garden.
So I am motivated by shame...and the desire to have some yummy lettuce and snap peas.

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