Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not so big Sunday

Easter eggs for the kitties

Today is Sunday....I love Sundays for the most part.
Many of them involve waffles or a newspaper and chai.
Last night we ate a lovely Indian meal where I consumed too many cups of yummy indian chai and proceeded to stay up until 3am trying to not paint walls or rationalize "just staying up into the next day". I made use of some of this time and made a logo for my sister-in-laws new baking blog:
 I am proud of my limited graphic design abilites.

When 8:30 arrived my brain had already kicked into gear and I was out of bed and working on art.
Today I redesigned my blog and started sewing for Artwalk.

Once the sun began to set, we realized that we had nothing in the house aside from a fridge filled with condiments, so I headed out to pick up something for dinner and possible leftovers for tomorrows lunch.
Much to my surprise, EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED, when did every place decide that Easter is the same as Christmas and that it was ok to close all eateries?!

I ended up at the "Ghetto Vons", the grocery store down the street from us that has three security guards, two metal decectors and a Wells Fargo in the liquor department.

We use this place as a last resort for shopping; and almost always have a "cultural experience" when having to pick up something there. Tonight, it was also the only place open that had things to eat available for sale.

I made chicken (I just learned how to cook chicken) and biscuits and garlic green beans.
It wasn't a very big day.

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