Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big finds!!

Due to a big headache I am late in posting April 7th's entry.

There is a whole cult of the plastic camera, and The Diana camera is the badass big shot, along with Holga and Seagull. I am totally in love with the look the plastic camera creates and if I was able to still processing my own film, I would be eating up chemicals in the darkroom with pure abandonment.
But alas
I am now without a darkroom and require the assistance of others to process my film.

While daydreaming a little yesterday and found this AMAZING item....
This this little jewel is the "middle road" the happy marriage of the camera and the lens.
The dream-maker

I have also been experimenting with TTV (thru the viewfinder) photography.
Here is what that is all about and the picture at the top of the post is one on mine using this technique.

I am so in love with making art....I truely cannot image doing anything else full time any more.

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