Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big cat little snail

Theo and the snail

I think this theme is proving to be a little more difficult than I had thought it would be.
I am searching my mind for something to say or express in the theme of BIG.
Our cats are allowed outside time on the patio while we are there.

We tried the let them hang out on their own thing...but Theo tried to become a flying squirrel and I just about had a literal heart attack at seeing him cling to the edge of the terra cotta tiles on our roof. Xander meanwhile has no fear factor, so a jump is a jump; off the roof or down two stories into incoming traffic.
So that was an easy choice....outside but monitored.

While sitting outside eating lunch I watched our strictly indoor cats "discover" a snail.

Xander assessing if it can be eaten or simply tormented

*no snails were harmed only mildly harassed

On seeing these photos I realize that Xander looks like a Chuck Jones cat.

A classic Tom from Tom and Jerry

I loved these cartoons as a kid, I didn't like the ones when they spoke.
Those were just wierd.

I am off to draw now.....

Thanks Chuck wherever you are.

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